Nieves on Nieves: "There Is No Way They Will Ever Control Brian Nieves"

So, now the real story we meant to highlight in this morning's St. Louis Beacon before we got distracted.

The article comes from political reporter Jo Mannies who ventured down to Washington yesterday to attend the prayer vigil for Brian Nieves, the Republican state senate candidate accused in a police complaint this month of beating and threatening a political rival.

If you thought that Nieves was a bit, off-balance before [Exhibits A and B], take a look at Mannies' article. The politician-turned-conspiracy-theorist blames his troubles on unnamed "kingsmakers and powerbrokers" who he says are bent on destroying him.

Per the Beacon...
"The Old Guard (within the GOP) feels threatened," Nieves continued, because he "won't be a lap dog. ... There is no way they will ever control Brian Nieves."

Nieves added that he was confident his enemies will fail because "God has his hand all over this situation."
In related news, the Kansas City Star reports today that the Washington police could forward their investigation into the alleged assault to Franklin County prosecutors this morning.

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