No deadbeats here: A Cardinals exec steps up to the plate regarding the team's tax issues

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FEATURE, MAY 22, 2008

For the Record...

The Cardinals are cleaning up their books: In regard to the story "Deadbeats Ho!" by Kristen Hinman: In the fall of 2007, we notified the City of St. Louis that we believed that our 2007 city personal property tax bill was incorrect. The bill had been based on information that we provided to the city — some details of which we later found to be inaccurate. We submitted the correct information in an amended return along with the appropriate tax payment, which was delivered on time. We are working in full cooperation with the City Assessor's office to clear up the status of our account as a result of the reporting error.
Ron Watermon, director of government affairs and special projects, St. Louis Cardinals

NEWS REAL, MAY 22, 2008

Get Real, Metro

Wackenhut goes Wackenoodle: First, does anyone really believe that Securitas can hire people [as MetroLink security guards] with five years of experience (or, for that matter, that Wackenhut can hire people with a criminal justice degree) for $11.30 per hour ["Changing of the Guard," Aimee Levitt]? Please — this is marketing BS. Memo to the reporter: Apply common sense and professional suspicion.Second: A truly in-depth reporting job would reveal that it is impossible to find five, much less 150, security personnel that are armed in both states in fourteen days, as Metro required. The procedures are too bureaucratic (note: I did not say rigorous) for that to happen.Third: Nothing in Clarence Harmon's lifetime prepared him for the contract security business. Wackenoodle's mistake in his hire is a pure political play that backfired, in a very big way. I have worked this contract as a manager. The client is not realistic, the requirements are harsh, and the rewards are small. There is a reason that Whelan had the highest bid as the incumbent. (As a disclaimer, I do not work for any company involved with this procurement, but I do work in this business.)
Anonymous Industry Wonk from Kansas City, via the Internet

NEWS REAL, MAY 1, 2008

Bad Bars

Time to turn down the volume: Apparently the downtown residents mentioned in Kristen Hinman's "La Dolce' Veto" are learning what many of us in Soulard have known for decades: City politicians and bureaucrats usually pay lip service to residents on issues concerning objectionable bars. These public servants apparently subscribe to some weird belief that a single nightclub trumps hundreds of residents in financial gain to the City of St. Louis. They must think that there is an endless supply of people who will endure crime, noise and the homeless to live in the city. In Soulard, that may have been the case, as disgruntled former residents have been quickly replaced by new residents. However, judging by the slow-down on downtown loft construction, they might want to reassess their thinking.
Paul Kjorlie, St. Louis

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