No News Is Bad News: David Sandusky Says Support Your Local Writers

Apr 17, 2020 at 11:26 am
click to enlarge David Sandusky, pitmaster and co-owner of BEAST Craft BBQ and BEAST Butcher and Block. - MABEL SUEN
David Sandusky, pitmaster and co-owner of BEAST Craft BBQ and BEAST Butcher and Block.

This is the first in a series of essays from Riverfront Times readers in support of our recently launched RFT Press Club.

They say the internet killed print. I say it gave opportunity for those with the balls to say what no one else would say. In that space between the freedom of speech and journalism lies a few that choose to rock the boat, kick up dust and speak to the little guy. They give credence to the dingy rock bar, legitimize the outcasts, bolster the underground scene and drum to the heartbeat of the inner city. That voice defines trends and creates new legends.

St. Louis has no shortage of real people — you know, the real people. Not the ones the statistics cherry pick from, but real, honest humans. In a tight-knit small town where everyone knows everyone, relationships are everything. There’s a connection to this city that almost makes you wonder if you’d lose your sense of belonging somewhere else. It’s what makes it special. Big lights with hometown grit. Real shit.

This is where the RFT lives. This is where the RFT speaks.

That voice speaks volumes. At a time like this, our words can mean as much as our deeds. This is the time to decide who we’re going to be. Don’t forget where we came from. Wave to your neighbor, encourage your kids, eat lots of "St. Louis-style” shit, share unused TP and support your local writers. Freedom of speech, bitches.

David Sandusky is the pitmaster and co-owner of BEAST Craft BBQ (20 S. Belt West, Belleville, IL; 618-257-9000) and BEAST Butcher & Block (4156 Manchester Avenue, 314-944-6003).