Now That Is A Banner

Jul 9, 2009 at 11:33 am
In this week's feature story, the case of Ballpark Lofts Building Number 8 is offered up as "the most illustrative example of St. Louis' concern with keeping up appearances as it struggles to sustain development during the recession."

In short, Kevin McGowan, the developer who owns the building located just west of Busch, was hamstrung by the recession, ensuring that his once-promising piece of downtown real estate would remain a "dilapidated pile of bricks" with dozens of broken windows. Trying to make good with the city, he sought out a giant banner to cover up the eyesore. Unfortunately for him, All-Star weeks kicks off tomorrow and he still hasn't found a suitable shroud.

Maybe he should call his neighbors to the south, just across Highway 40, to find out where they got their sweet window dressing:

Now That Is A Banner
photo by Keegan Hamilton

Giant images of a dog and cat, with the tagline "play ball," appear on the 96-foot by 160-foot wrap that stretches across the north face of the tower building, at 1 Checkerboard Square, near Ninth Street and Chouteau Avenue in downtown St. Louis.

Five vertical panels of the mesh material, which allows office occupants to see through the signage, covers the top eight floors of the 15-story tower's north face. The signage is expected to be reusable.

The pet product company's internal agency, CheckMark, came up with the creative design and copy. International outdoor marketing firm Posterscope, based in the United Kingdom, did the production. The project was under 30 days from start to finish.

If St. Louis really wants to win over all the visitors coming to town for the next few days, maybe they ought to hang pictures of kittens and yellow labs all over town.