Of Pickup Artists and Final Exits: Eric Weber Publishes Short Story

Nov 10, 2009 at 2:47 pm
Weber. - cortlandreview.com
In an unlikely convergence of RFT feature stories, reformed pickup artist turned filmmaker Eric Weber (who once neatly turned the tables during an Unreal interview) has just published a short story in the online literary magazine The Cortland Review about a suicide pact between two married octogenarians.

It's not quite the Final Exit Network -- for one thing, the network doesn't figure into the story at all, and for another (spoiler alert), the characters don't use the controversial Final Exit method of a plastic hood and helium tank. There is, to be perfectly honest, no pickup artistry, either.

It is, however, a deeply moving story about long-term marriage, sexual frustration and dysfunction, impending death and the sorrows of growing old and more than worth ten minutes of your time.