On Any Given Sunday: The Horrific St. Louis Rams Can Beat the Terrible Detroit Lions

Nov 2, 2009 at 8:49 am
Rare sighting: Steven Jackson's TD dance - www.stlouisrams.com
Rare sighting: Steven Jackson's TD dance
Yes, this is why we love the NFL! It's so unpredictable. Like yesterday, when you have a classic matchup such as the Rams vs. the Lions.

Here's a team -- St. Louis -- that until yesterday had lost 17 straight games playing against a Detroit franchise that has won just one contest all year and failed to win a single game in all of '08 -- to become the NFL's first franchise to finish a sixteen-game season without a victory.

But enough about that. Congratulations to the Rams! You gotta start somewhere. The team actually looked pretty sharp yesterday, scoring 17 points and winning the game in the fourth-quarter on a Steven Jackson 25-yard touchdown run -- his first trip to the end zone all season.

Final score: St. Louis 17, Lions 10.

Finally, big kudos to you, Daily RFT readers. Three weeks ago we asked you when you thought the Rams would final win a game. The largest percentage of you picked Sunday's game versus Detroit. Check out the entire results of our poll here.