Only a Matter of Time: Man Attacks Neighbor in Labor Day Dispute Over Unions, Politics

Sep 9, 2009 at 1:02 pm
Douglas Hayden - Police Handout
Police Handout
Douglas Hayden
Given the political vitriol between supporters and opponents of President Barack Obama's health care initiative, I can't say I was surprised with a story I read today in the Belleville News-Democrat.

Madison County sheriff deputies were called Monday evening -- Labor Day -- to a home in the New Douglas township where a man was on the ground with an injury to his head. According to reports, the victim and his neighbor Douglas D. Hayden, 47, got into an argument over "politics and unions."

Hayden and his wife were asked to leave the barbecue but the argument continued between the properties. At some point Hayden allegedly grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and struck his neighbor over the head.

Authorities have yet to release whether Hayden was arguing for or against the unions. His neighbor was taken to the hospital, and Hayden to jail where his bail was set at $75,000.

My question: Where is Rodney King when we need him? Can we all just get along?