Open Letter to Fast-Food Workers Victimized by Crooks: Daily RFT Stands With You

A Jack-in-the-Box was robbed in South City Tuesday night - Image via
A Jack-in-the-Box was robbed in South City Tuesday night
To all you fast-food workers who've been victimized by robbers recently:

It's probably scary just to show up for work these days. Last night, the Jack-in-the-Box at 4201 South Kingshighway was robbed. Two young males jumped over the counter, ordered employees to the back, plundered the registers and took off. (They were later found and arrested.)

Sounds similar to the White Castle stick-ups from the last few weeks. And we bet you're acutely aware of the string of pizza-delivery robberies - some of which ended in murder.

But Daily RFT has a message for you guys: Keep your heads up. You are righteous and good, in your own way.

Sure, you probably don't make much money. We know that. But once upon a time, you had the self-respect to apply for a job; the qualifications to get said job; and the gumption to keep the job by showing up and doing the work, in exchange for your wages.

That's called being an adult. Our country owes its existence to decent folks like you. You saw an honest opportunity, and you took it. 

These thugs, on the other hand, aren't shit compared to you guys. They've made the conscious choice to take something that somebody else has, using force and fear, just because they feel like taking it. You see their faces on the news a lot -- yes, on this blog, too  -- because, if we're all being honest, Americans have a morbid fascination with the dark side, with people who do bad things.

Our incessant crime coverage can sometimes glorify criminals, and bestow upon them a certain fame and notoriety they don't deserve. That's a shame.

There is no glory in what they do.

There is a quiet glory -- not to mention honor and dignity -- in what YOU do.

There's a reason why they feel the need to hide under masks, while you do not.

Now, folks can argue over the nutritional quality of burgers, tacos and pizza, and whether the big corporations who own your restaurants are forces of good in the world.

But YOU are a force for good in that you show up, day after day, to do your job and make a living, without victimizing anybody. You're decent people. You probably don't hear that much, but it's true.

Don't let these jerks scare you. Stand tall, be proud of yourselves.

Daily RFT admires you, and stands with you.
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