Our story on Rock Hill's ticket-writing traffic cop brings out the beast in RFT readers, while smoking-ban opponents organize

Our story on Rock Hill's ticket-writing traffic cop brings out the beast in RFT readers, while smoking-ban opponents organize

Good question: Has there ever been assembled a more disgusting-looking group of people in the history of the world ["Smoking Ban Opponents Organize; Remind Public to Vote No on Prop. N," Chad Garrison]? They're like the Fantastic Five of hideousness. I'm going to blow up this picture and use it to frighten children on Halloween. Fittingly, Fred Teutenberg's mouth already looks like a jack-o'-lantern.
Good lord above, via the Internet

If Louisville can do it: Until last year, I lived in Louisville, Kentucky, which is one of the top tobacco-producing states in the U.S. And even they were able to enact a smoking ban. And you know what happened? Revenue at restaurants increased. No one stopped going out to dinner. Smokers went outside when they needed their fix. Keep in mind that the majority of people do not smoke — even in Kentucky — and the restaurant business did not suffer, but actually improved.
SecondHandSmokeKills, via the Internet

Extortionist: This guy is pathetic ["Rock Hill's Legendary (Infamous) Ticket-Writing Traffic Cop Set to Retire Radar Gun," Ellis E. Conklin]. How does he go home and look at his wife every night without hanging his head in shame? Extorting people out of their money so the city can make "seven figures" more in their wallets. This is sad. What an asshole.
Average Joe, via the Internet

Fat ass: Wow, I am surprised that fat ass can even get on his bike. Could he eat just a few more donuts?
John Davis, via the Internet

Traitor: This man is a traitor to humanity. What a total dick.
Jason, via the Internet

Loser: Even RFT should be ashamed that they are catering to this level of blatant speed-trap trolling. I'd rather read about the one time this guy may have done something meaningful with his career than one wasted as a tax collector running a speed trap.
Nick, via the Internet

Scum: What a pathetic sack of crap. Straight up faggot. Scum of the earth. He's got nothing better to do than to give tickets to take away people's hard-earned money. What a waste in terms of his life and career.
XD, via the Internet

Give me a break: I've had the luxury of getting two tickets from him in the same day — one going to work and one coming home.
Denitio del Toro, via the Internet

Jackass: Rot in Hell, jackass officer.
Me, via the Internet

Merciless: I grew up with friends that lived around there, and I can almost guarantee you that he didn't only stop people going ten miles over the speed limit. The word that I always heard was, "If the big guy on the bike with the speed trap at Manchester and McKnight sees you going one iota over the limit, you've got a ticket."
Eric, via the Internet

Simply put: Nobody likes you.
Unknown, via the Internet

Fellow cop (?) responds: These comments are the exact reason I don't give warnings. I write a ticket every time I stop some idiot fuck that can't get their shit straight. Then I have a little chuckle while I tow their car and watch them cry!
Anonymous, via the Internet

A great man: For those of you who seem uninformed, the speed limit on Manchester in Rock Hill is 30 miles per hour, the same as it is on all of Manchester west of Berry Road. This is not some "speed trap" that suddenly lowers the limit on a two-block section of road that officer Ron Zeigler patrols. This man does his job well and is proud of it.

He is a great man! He has personally lowered the accident rate in Rock Hill tremendously. He has saved lives! Bottom line: If there were no speeders, then he couldn't write tickets. Don't think that just because Zeigler is retiring that there won't be one of Rock Hill's finest sitting there to get you, because they will! We will miss you, Ron!
Clean Cut Creations, via the Internet

Zeigler's replacement can't wait to meet you: Most of the comments show just how little you all know and care. You are the only one who can make your car speed. Suck it up and own up to being stupid. I have lived in and around Rock Hill all my life — and Ron has never written a ticket for less then ten miles over. I dare you to prove me wrong. Also, Rock Hill has hired a replacement for Ron, just so you know, and he's just as good and very willing to prove it. With that said, Ron, you will be missed, and I can't wait for the new guy to welcome everyone to Rock Hill.

God, I love this country.
Geof, via the Internet

Last word: What a bunch of asshole crybabies here. If the road is marked 30, then don't do 40-plus. I'm sick of you imbeciles speeding, making noise with your piece of shit-fart pipes or straight pipes on your garbage Harleys, and generally being total assholes, pretending every public road is your own personal test track. If you can't obey the law, stay home in your mom's basement, you fucking dickheads.
Bill, via the Internet

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