Over the Top: Extreme Arm Wrestling

In the world of extreme fighting, there is little that hasn't been done. Fighting in backyards, fighting in cages, fighting with props like chairs and broken glass.

Now comes extreme arm wrestling. And if it's happening anywhere in the world, there is YouTube video of it.

What makes Xtreme arm wrestling different is that the competitor' arm-wrestling hand is taped to his opponent's.

The free hand? That's for socking the other guy in the face as many times as possible. Just watch.

While Unreal prefer to leave my arm-wrestling watching to scenes from Over the Top, I wouldn't be surprised if the event comes to St. Louis' home for action sports theater, the South Broadway Athletic Club, home of St. Louis' popular wrestling events.

Could this be a new career choice for Kimbo Slice, since the former Internet sensation got knocked-the-fuck-out a few weeks back?

- Unreal

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