Photos: Lambert Airport's "Dramatic Makeover" Will Take Five Months, Add New Retail

Feb 1, 2013 at 12:25 pm
click to enlarge The future is here. Big renderings below. - All photos courtesy of Lambert
All photos courtesy of Lambert
The future is here. Big renderings below.

Will this solve Lambert Airport's inferiority complex?

Officials have announced that the retail shopping scene of St. Louis' international airport will undergo a "dramatic makeover" through a ten-year contract that starts today with Hudson Group, the travel retailer. Hudson will reopen a majority of the existing retail locations and over the next five months will build out thirteen locations, featuring not only some "top national brands," but also "exclusive local concepts as well."

Get excited.

And don't worry about the next five months before the build-out is completed. A press release says that Hudson will operate some temporary store units, which will feature core news and gift goods -- you know, the stuff essential to airport shopping.

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Its full mix of merchandise will be available by late June.

The lineup includes Hudson, Maxiga & Spectacles, Bliss, Ebony News, Natalie's Candy Jar, Eddie Bauer, Kids Works, Discover St. Louis and more.

The agreement guarantees Lambert a minimum of $13 million in the first three years of the contract and $41 million over the full term of the contract.

Here is a glimpse at project design.

Bliss in C Concourse
Bliss in C Concourse
Eddie Bauer- C Concourse
Eddie Bauer- C Concourse
Hudson/Natalies Candy-C Concourse
Hudson/Natalies Candy-C Concourse

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