Photos: Life in the "Fourth Most Dangerous City"

Nov 25, 2008 at 8:00 am

St. Louis, ranked the "most dangerous city" in America in 2006, is now fourth on the list that's published by an independent firm criticized for its methods.

On Monday, RFT photographer Jennifer Silverberg documented some of the people working and living in the "fourth most dangerous city in the country."

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This year, New Orleans takes the number one spot, followed by Camden, New Jersey and Detroit in third. After St. Louis are Oakland, Flint, Michigan, Gary, Indiana, Birmingham, Alabama, Richmond, California and North Charleston, South Carolina.

The study is criticized annually, especially by leaders of cities on the list.

Said Rochester, New York mayor Robert J. Duffy about the annual report:

"The rankings have no real value -- they are misleading and completely out of context. You cannot grab raw data in a simplistic fashion and draw meaningful conclusions, yet that is exactly what this publication is doing. They do real harm to the reputations and economies of our cities. As we did last year, we are urging media outlets, which have long given these rankings broad coverage, to reconsider their approach and avoid biasing their audiences against our cities"

- Nick Lucchesi