Photos: Top 20 Scariest Face Tattoo Mugshots

Mar 27, 2013 at 8:00 am
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts

Here at Daily RFT, we've decided that Adam "Yes, it's a real tattoo" Roberts, 24, officially has the scariest local mugshot we've seen all year. Roberts, a Godfrey, Illinois, resident accused of robbing a self-storage facility, recently waived his preliminary hearing and has his next court date on April 8.

In honor of his imminent court appearance, we thought we'd do some research on just how unique his face tattoo mugshot is.

Below, we present to you the top twenty scariest face tat mugs. Viewer discretion is advised.

20. Adam Roberts' Couisn?

We feel like this guy might've gotten his tattoo from the same artist as Roberts, but the glasses and old age really add a nice touch!

19. The Neo Nazi

If you're going to be a neo-Nazi, might as well plaster it all over your face, right?

18. Paws

Might not be permanent?? But...could be! No judgment from us.

17. For Love of State

Slightly unfortunate that Florida is shaped that way, no?

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