Planet's Daily News Kiosk's School of Journalism, In Survey Results

Planet's Daily News Kiosk's School of Journalism, In Survey Results
Kase Wickman

Two years ago, Tony heard even more feedback from his customers when he distributed a super-earnest 30-question survey about journalism, his place in the community and his kiosk. Click behind the jump to read more about the survey and its findings. 
Tony handed out 150 copies of the the survey at the kiosk in February 2008, received 32 completed surveys back, and hasn't shown the compiled results to anyone since. The way he puts it, he's saving it for some sort of triumphant screw-you to The Post-Dispatch, but he passed it along to us in the meantime. 

In the preamble to the survey, Tony writes that "We don't need names just honest thoughts that could be used to help the Kiosk and if at all possible be conveyed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to allow them to see first hand how the residents feel about their newspaper as it is today. Are you game for this? Ok then let's get to it."

Let's get to it, indeed. Here are some selected questions and answers from the survey, as delivered to us. (People were allowed to choose more than one response.)

What do you think of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch style for bringing you the latest news after the current changes? 
-Joseph Pulitzer would be proud of their reporting. (1)
-Gives me all the information I need. (2)
-It's OK but could be better. (11)
-Try reporting the entire story. (7)
-Do you call this journalism? (9)
-What reporting? (4)
-No Responses (5)
Notable write-ins: "it's like watching TV 10 pm," "it's just crap -- let's leave it at that"

Do you think the Kiosk should be duplicated in other areas with in St. Louis?
-The more the merrier. (5)
-Yes, if it is able to provide the same service as ours does. (18)
-I think every neighborhood should have one. (11)
-We don't need this one, why another one? (0)
-No response (3)
Notable write-ins: "clone Tony"

If the Kiosk were to start a loyalty club, would you be interested in being a member?
-Yes (15)
-No (7)
-No response (10)
Notable write-ins: "what is a loyalty club?" "Tony in a Tux"

Should the legacy of Joseph Pulitzer's journalistic standards be followed as a template for news reporting at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and around the country as it once was?
-Yes (29)
-No (0)
-It doesn't matter in today's reporting. (5)
-Who's Joseph Pulitzer? (1)

Should the Kiosk be allowed to sell Missouri Lotto scratch-off tickets at our location?
-That is the best idea ever. (11)
-That is the worst idea ever. (5)
-If you did, I would keep my money and run. (4)
-The odds are better on the boat. (4)
-No response. (8)

All businesses use a catch word or phrase to define who or what they are. Do you know what the Kiosk catch phrase is?*
-Yes (10)
-No (7)
-The Kiosk has a catch phrase? 7)
-I don't know, what is it? (7)
-A one man operation with a catch phrase -- now I have heard it all. (0)
-No response (5)
Notable write-ins: "what is Tony catching anyway?"

At the end of the survey, Tony tells customers that he plans to post the results of the survey in the kiosk and send them to the Post-Dispatch as well. 

"What was once the standard in excellence decades ago and can be again, has fallen into disrepair and will become the standard for how not to sell/buy the news for those who read it and those who follow in Joseph Pulitzer's foot steps and future reporting," he ends ominously. 

*For those are you who are wondering, Tony's catch phrase seems to be either "Bringing Service Back to the Service Industry" or "If We Don't Have It, We Can't Sell It." Both are printed on top of the survey that was distributed.

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