Police Dog Captures Accused Missouri Thief By the Balls

The whole situation is pretty nuts

Feb 21, 2023 at 6:03 am
Ouch. - St. Francois County Sheriff's Office
St. Francois County Sheriff's Office

A man accused of stealing catalytic converters met an unfortunate fate when he tried to evade capture in St. Francois County.

The county sheriff's department says a police dog caught Kevin Moore of Desloge, Missouri, "by the jewels" after Moore tried to run away from police yesterday.

Early yesterday morning, officers with the Park Hills Police Department and St. Francois County Sheriff's Office converged on an area frequented by a catalytic converter thief in Park Hills, according to a St. Francois County Sheriff's Department Facebook post.

That's when they saw Moore driving a utility task vehicle.

Once he knew police were on his tail, Moore drove away and later attempted to flee on foot. A sheriff's deputy then released a police dog named TEO, who chased Moore. The suspect then attempted to assault TEO, according to the Facebook post.

"TEO, however, would not be beat and apprehended the suspect," the post continues.

By "apprehended the suspect," they mean TEO sunk his teeth into the fleeing man's balls.

Police dogs aren't trained to apprehend a suspect in "certain areas," according to St. Francois Sheriff's Department. However, "When a suspect fights a police K-9, the K-9 will apprehend by any means necessary, even if that means a bite to the biscuit," the department wrote on Facebook.

TEO received a treat and mouth wash for his valiant police work.

Missouri's online court system shows no charges filed for Moore, however he's currently receiving treatment at a local hospital and will be transferred to the St. Francois County Detention Center upon his release. Moore had a previous arrest warrant for felony possession of a weapon and felony possession of a controlled substance.

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