Poll: Should Mizzou Fans Be Allowed to Storm the Field After a Big Win?

Oct 29, 2010 at 11:30 am
Let 'em do it? Or not? - Image via
Let 'em do it? Or not?
Image via
Let 'em do it? Or not?
And so the powers-that-be at Mizzou have elected not to press charges against the "Faurot 30" -- the handful of students (among several hundred) that got handcuffed Saturday for storming the field after the Tigers big win against top-ranked Oklahoma on Saturday.

The University's policy is clear: any student who rushes the field risks arrest and prosecution. They also risk injury. One fan broke their leg in Saturday's joy orgy, for example.

But the University was also hawking photos of the on-field celebration on its website (they've since stopped). And by going easy on the Faurot 30, they're sending a mixed message.

So whaddya think? Cast your vote below.