Powers-that-be Prohibit PETA Protest Pachyderm

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click to enlarge Protest statue, "Ella Phantzperil" - blog.peta.org
Protest statue, "Ella Phantzperil"
PETA does not clown around about hatin' on circuses. Earlier this year, they did an uncover investigation on Ringling Brothers and posted some elephant-beating footage on the aptly named Web site, ringlingbrothersbeatsanimals.com.

Well, the big top is coming to the Scottrade Center on October 15, so PETA filed a request to display their protest statue, "Ella Phantzperil," at the corner of Market and 15th street around that time. The statue itself was designed by Harry Bliss, a cartoonist for The New Yorker.

As you will observe in the photo above, ladies and gentlemen, the baby elephant has tears running down her cheeks and bears the message: "SHACKLES, BULLHOOKS, LONELINESS."

This is what the city said to PETA's request: NOPE. Here's the rejection letter.

A similar kerfuffle recently went down in Kansas City, and was covered by our sister paper, The Pitch.

Denying the request, the St. Louis Board of Public Service cited ordinance 49771, which stipulates that:
"No person shall parade, exhibit or distribute any advertisement, circular or handbill in or adjoining any public park, place or square."
PETA's attorney responded today with a letter today (displayed below) making three points:
1) Ordinance 49771 was repealed three months ago.
2) Even if it hadn't been, that ordinance is unconstitutional.
3) The baby elephant statue does not constitute an "advertisement, circular or handbill."

More updates on this legal-wrangling circus as they come.
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