Public Displays of Affection: Turn-On or Turn-Off ?

Week of May 8, 2002

Rasheida Perry
Patient-Accounts Representative,
St. Louis University

"Definitely a turn-on. That's because I'm very affectionate. I say if you're out in public with your lover you should be able to show your feelings. When you see them kissing, hugging, walking hand in hand, whatever, you know he appreciates her and she appreciates him. And if I happen to be with my guy, that makes me want to feel on him, too."

J.P. Samedi
Manager, Altered Skates
"I like to yell at people when they're doing that, and the chance to yell at people is always a turn-on!"

Sherrone Beatty
Human-Resources Administrator, YWCA
"Turn-off -- I hate it! First thing I think: It's a private matter, so why don't they take it home? But, you know, I'm one who thinks there's too many sex scenes in the movies."

Forest Crawford
Scotch-Eggs Enthusiast

"Generally speaking, I would say a turn-off. But it depends. If it's just mildly affectionate, then it can be kind of nice. But if it's overt -- they've decided to go to a hotel room but they just haven't yet -- then it gets a little weird."

Lou Woolard
Hostess, Cicero's
"To me, it'd be a terrible turn-off. I think open affection is rather disgusting and totally unnecessary. Don't get me wrong: I'm as affectionate as anyone, but not in public."

Rick Stanton
"Kissing is romantic; an adoring hug is romantic. But when you're out with your buddies and some guy's grabbing his girlfriend's tits, lifting up her shirt, basically treating her like a whore in front of an entire crowd, you're thinking: How much respect does he have for his woman, and how much respect does she have for herself?"

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