Pujols Statue To Be Dedicated November 2 at Westport Plaza

Oct 26, 2011 at 3:16 pm
We're imagining the statue looks something akin to this.
We're imagining the statue looks something akin to this.
Earlier this month Daily RFT broke the news about a larger-than-life bronze statue of Albert Pujols that his foundation commissioned at the request of an anonymous donor.

Now comes confirmation that the statue -- paid for by that donor -- is complete and will be dedicated next Wednesday (November 2) outside Pujols' restaurant, Pujols 5, in Westport Plaza. We also have a few more details about the size of the sculpture. It's actually a bit bigger than we initially reported at ten feet tall (not nine feet) and weighing in at 1,100 pounds.

Sculptor Harry Weber and the Pujols Family Foundation still aren't revealing exactly what the statue looks like, other than saying it's an action pose. And while the statue ensures that Pujols' likeness will stay in St. Louis following this season, it doesn't mean the All-Star first basemen will. Pujols and his wife Deidre will be in attendance at the unveiling but won't be giving interviews.

So, you know, no pesky questions about whether the free agent will stay or go.