Putting One Over on Ol' Unreal

Unreal's world got rocked something fierce last week, when a friend e-mailed us a link to an out-of-town paper that had some breaking news about the Cardinals in the wake of their World Series triumph. "I think I speak for my players, the front office, the coaching staff, and every fan in St. Louis when I say that all season long, we had just one goal: bringing a championship to the great city of Detroit," [Tony] La Russa said.

First we were stunned. The Cardinals apologizing for winning the World Series?! How can this be?!

Then we were pissed: Scooped by an out-of-town paper! How could our newspaper's crack staff have missed such a momentous local story?

So, there we are today, still mooning around the office doing what we usually do when we really want to punish ourselves -- reading the online edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- when we notice this, at the top of the list of "YESTERDAY'S MOST E-MAILED STORIES":

Cardinals apologize for winning World Series

Following the link, we see the Post has gone and reprinted last week's big out-of-town scoop!

Wait -- it gets better! At the top of the story, just beneath the headline (we nearly missed it), is the following italicized note:

This story originally appeared Nov. 2 in the satirical online newspaper The Onion.

That's right: It turns out we weren't scooped after all. That big out-of-town story was actually...a satire!



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