Queer Debate: Did Ed Martin Inform Russ Carnahan Before Scheduling Face Off?

Ed Martin (left) wants his friend Martin Duggan to host the debates. - edmartinforcongress.com
Ed Martin (left) wants his friend Martin Duggan to host the debates.
So, you'd think that a candidate for Congress would inform his challenger before scheduling a public debate between the two. But that's not what apparently happened when GOP challenger Ed Martin issued a press release yesterday announcing three August debates versus Congressman Russ Carnahan.

At least -- not according to Carnahan's camp.

"We hadn't heard anything about this until a reporter called yesterday to confirm the dates," says Angela Guyadeen, communication's director for Carnahan's campaign. "I don't know why Ed Martin would go ahead and schedule these debates without our knowledge. Martin loves to see his name in print and today's scam is just another example."

That's not true, says Martin's press secretary, Theresa Petry. "We sent them a letter last Thursday," she says. 

Okay, perhaps, though Guyadeen says she's never seen it. But lest this devolves into a "she-said, she-said," there is another curious matter about the debates Martin scheduled. They are to be moderated by former Donnybrook host Martin Duggan -- a man who's already endorsed Martin.

Carnahan's camp issued a press release of its own back on July 30 announcing the congressman's interest in holding September debates for all candidates moderated by the non-partisan League of Women Voters.

So, then, why would anyone in his right mind enter a debate where the moderator (Martin Duggan) wants you to lose?

"Martin Duggan is a former journalist who can be impartial as he's shown on Donnybrook," responds Petry. "And for the record, Ed would be willing to debate Carnahan anywhere and anytime so long as the moderator isn't with the SEIU."

Err, okay, but isn't that kind of what you're asking Carnahan to do?

"Well, how about this?," says Petry. "We could have two moderators: Martin Duggan and (former RFT publisher) Ray Hartmann. Now that would get some interest, huh?"

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