Racist Missouri Senate Hopeful Glenn Miller Interviewed by Howard Stern

Apr 13, 2010 at 1:03 pm
click to enlarge Stern: Crazy people make me smile.
Stern: Crazy people make me smile.

Glenn Miller, the former KKK leader, running for U.S. Senate was interviewed at great length Friday by Howard Stern.

As our sister paper the Kansas City Pitch reports, Stern asked Miller which he hated more -- Jews or blacks. Miller fired back at Stern (who is Jewish):

"Jews!" Miller said. "A thousand times more. Compared to our Jewish problem, all other problems are mere distractions."

Continued Miller: "White people are in bondage to you Jews."

When Stern suggested giving some of his Jewish power to Miller, the politician said he'd rather Stern and all his ilk move to Madagascar.

Oh, and Miller also praised Hitler as the "greatest man to ever walk the Earth."

Listen to the interview -- in its entirety -- here.