Radioactive Waste: Some readers think Larry Burgan's lawsuit is frivolous

Radioactive Waste: Some readers think Larry Burgan's lawsuit is frivolous

Look at the stars: The way this town went apeshit over Clooney & Co.'s visit, we shouldn't be surprised we didn't make the list ["Shocking Revelations in MovieMaker Magazine's List of Top 10 Cities for Filmmakers," Aimee Levitt]. Nothing shows that your town can handle international talent like "ZOMG Clooney Watch" media coverage.
Andrew, via the Internet

Cameras are not about safety: It's amazing how these officials have spun their reasoning for installing these cameras ["If You Hate Red-light Cameras, You Will Hate This Even More," Amir Kurtovic]. For children's safety: You must be a cold-hearted bastard if you don't believe in children's safety. Then, once everyone is OK with the cameras there, it is a thousand times easier to install them in locations where perhaps children's safety isn't a concern — to make even more money. Precedent, people! It's all about taking small steps when you want to deceive your constituents, and this is a key component of government manipulation. What we have here, unfortunately, is the "boiling frog" metaphor, up close, personal — and local.
Winston S., via the Internet

Spuds will have to fill the void: It's back to Spuds MacKenzie T-shirts for the good Catholic boys and girls ["Mary Queen of Peace, a Catholic Grade School in Webster Groves, Bans South Butt Apparel," Nicholas Phillips].
KittyLitterKing, via the Internet

A to Z, JANUARY 15, 2010
A memorable man: Thank you, Larry, for all the wonderful shows ["R.I.P. Larry Weir, 1953-2010," Aimee Levitt]. I started listening to KDHX (88.1 FM) when I moved to Hermann in 1985. I couldn't get to many live shows in St. Louis, so I lived vicariously through radio friends like Larry, Terry and Naomi, and Clint. Larry's program meant so much to me. He will be missed so much.
Ron Hostetter, via the Internet

Great DJ, great loss: We never met, but because he was one of the most reliable reporters to the Freeform American Roots Chart, I was in constant touch with Larry. I don't always see eye-to-eye with every DJ, but Larry's choices were always spot on. This is a great loss to FAR and, of course, much more so to St Louis' airwaves.
John Conquest, via the Internet

Burgan is looking for a handout: This article is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen, and I literally hurt myself laughing at it ["Meltdown in Venice," Keegan Hamilton]. I used to work in the same department as Larry Burgan, and I can assure you that no one ever referred to him as "Lucky Larry." In fact, his nickname was "Stinky." I cannot believe that the ding-a-ling who wrote this article didn't catch on to the fact that Stinky is simply looking for a free ride.
Burgan Stinks, Madison, Illinois, via the Internet

Eat my (radioactive) dust: To the person that said that you would have to eat or take in at least 250 pounds of the radioactive dust before it would be harmful to your body, I say to you: You are an idiot. I challenge you to a dust-eating contest. If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck — it's a duck.

All I'm saying is that I've lost too many friends whom I worked with to cancer for me to believe the idea that the dust is harmless.
David Medley, Granite City, via the Internet

Such trash: This guy is full of garbage, which is why no lawyer or doctor agrees with his story. Maybe you can check your facts before you write garbage like this.
Jim, St. Louis, via the Internet

In Keegan Hamilton’s January 14 feature story “Meltdown in Venice,” we erroneously stated that the Magnesium Elektron North America factory in Venice, Illinois, “releases thousands of pounds of barium, chromium and other compounds into the air each year.” According to EPA records, since 2003 the factory released into the air an aggregate total of less than 1,000 pounds of all chemical compounds (barium, zinc, manganese, etc.), none of which was chromium. The factory disposes of the majority of chemical waste via off-site transfers.

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