Rams Radio Sends Jim Hanifan to the Bench. And It's About Damn Time.

May 8, 2009 at 3:17 pm
Then there were two: Hanifan out of Rams booth.
Then there were two: Hanifan out of Rams booth.
My online petition last year to toss Jim Hanifan from the broadcast booth only garnered two signatures. Apparently, though, that was enough for WXOS (101.1 FM) to agree to get rid of Hanifan this season when the station takes over Rams radio broadcasts from KLOU (103.3 FM).

Post-Dispatch sports-media scribe Dan Ceaser reports today that former Rams player D'Marco Farr will take over Hanifan's color commentary role in the broadcast booth. Farr has served as the third member of the radio crew for three seasons and will work this year with play-by-play announcer Steve Savard. Hanifan will now work pre- and post-game shows for Rams radio.

I trust Ceaser was using a bit of hyperbole when he called Hanifan "the most animated man broadcasting a team in this market since the days of Harry Caray."

Truth be told, Hanifan was embarrassingly bad and Ceaser's column today captures some of those low-lights, including Hanifan's on-air expletives, "gee-whiz" tirades, and the time he literally pulled a hamstring in the broadcast booth.

The injury occurred after Hanifan correctly predicted a fumble and jumped up to shout: "I told you! I told you!" Moments later Hanifan changed his tune, grabbing his hamstring to inform the listening audience: "I'm cramping up! I'm cramping up!"

On second thought, perhaps the 2-14 Rams should keep Hanny in the booth. He at least provided listeners with some form of entertainment.