Randi Naughton of KTVI Fox 2 Messes Up Weather Segment - But That's Okay!

Sep 14, 2012 at 6:48 am
Randi Naughton - woops! - Image via Fox2Now.com
Image via Fox2Now.com
Randi Naughton - woops!
We all make mistakes.

Early this morning, anchor Randi Naughton of KTVI Fox 2 made one that was very quick, yet impossible to miss (see video below).

But you know what? This is a great example of how local affiliates can graciously deal with a blunder.

We're going to be honest: We weren't even awake when this happened. (If you must know, our alarm went off, but we hit "snooze." We like hitting "snooze").

The only reason we know about it is that KTVI ran their own little web story about it, under the headline: "Randi Bombs Weather Segment (Oops!)" 

Here's the text:
(KTVI) - So, admittedly, this is a pretty early shift. But Randi Naughton stays on top of her game. But she may have been a little too 'on top of her game' this morning.
She was getting ready for her next story when she stepped in front of the weather wall, not realizing that Glenn [Zimmerman] wasn't done yet!   Makes for a good Friday morning laugh.
We recall other newscasts editing out their mistakes before they post them online. But KTVI not only kept the mistake in; they drew attention to it  - no doubt to bust Randi's chops in a good-natured way.

Sure, KTVI botched it up, but dealt with it transparently and amusingly. We admire your honest attitude, guys.

(Next time, Randi, drink more coffee before the show).