Random Thursday Notes

I don't have much of anything to really talk about today, and am in absolutely no mood to rehash the ugliness that was last night's game. Suffice it to say I'm disappointed to once again see a Cardinal player not go on the disabled list, only to struggle and end up on the DL anyway, except a couple of weeks later. 

-It appears that Jess Todd is coming up to take Kyle Lohse's spot on the roster. Really? Todd? Don't get me wrong; I think that Jess 'The Destroyer' Todd will be an excellent addition to the Cards, but still with the thirteen man pitching staff? As awful as this offense continues to be, we couldn't possibly use an extra bat? Or how about maybe bringing back up Tyler Greene to play defense at short or third, shift Thursty Joe over to second, and put Skip Schumaker back out in left? He would be an upgrade over either Duncan or Ankiel right now, both with the glove and at the plate. Oy. 

-I'm not sure how I missed this before, but it's funny as hell. Apparently, the Cubs' Gatorade machine is having a rough go of it. At least the Cub players seem to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. 

-Ryan Braun is starting a fashion label. Take a breath, hold it for a second, and read that again. No part of that sentence is a typo. I wonder if he approached these guys about the investment opportunity of a lifetime? 

-Charles Barkley is kind of grumpy. Also, he thinks you're a pussy

-And finally, David Carradine hung himself in a Bangkok hotel room. I can't begin to express how much this upsets me. I fucking worship David Carradine. I have absolutely no idea how to even begin to think about this.
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