Readers are mad for (and about) St. Louis' most famous Hungarian

Readers are mad for (and about) St. Louis' most famous Hungarian

And dumber than a brick: Twittering dumbs people down faster than reality TV ["What Did St. Louis Twitter About Last Night?" Bill Streeter]. It doesn't make you a more concise speaker just because you reflect in short spurts; it means you have a short attention span and no true love of the written word. At least blogs allow you to expand on your thoughts, rather than trying to seem witty in one's own calculated vagueness. I'm getting down off the soap box now, so thank you and good night.
The Rev Don't Twitter, via the Internet

Al's a homer and a moron: I've been pissed about this for weeks ["OK Al, We Get It. You Don't Like Colby. Can We Please Move On Now?" Aaron Schafer]. Every time Colby Rasmus does something good, Al disses all over him. I end up cursing at the TV like a crazy man, wanting to wring Al's neck. I can't believe someone hasn't said something to him about it. He doesn't call out any veteran on this team, no matter how awful they are, and yet he rides a rookie like it's his job. I want to punch Al Hrabosky in the face and then personally deliver his pink slip. He makes the games less enjoyable to watch because he's such a homer. I love this one, too: "The only reason our lefties don't hit lefties well is because they don't see them enough." Really? That's why Skip Schumaker has a .500 career OPS against them and looks defenseless against them in most of his at bats. What a moron.
Jamebo, via the Internet

Mad for the Mad Hungarian: You gotta love the Mad Hungarian for telling it like he sees it. Al's entitled to his opinion just like everyone else. I love listening to him on the broadcasts and hearing his great stories. I love Hrabosky.
Phylis Hope, via the Internet

Please say good-bye, Al: Phylis, where can I get some of what you're drinking? Of course Al has the right to his opinions, but not to drive us nuts on TV. Al Hrabosky has not expressed an original thought on the air in decades. Any random fan would have as much insight into the game as Al shows, and they wouldn't be saying the same things we've put up with for all these years. Get him off the broadcast!
Fred, via the Internet

FEATURE, MAY 28, 2009
Besides, kids won't bother smokers: I am vehemently opposed to legislated smoking bans ["Butt Heads," Kristen Hinman]. I believe that they are fascist, anti-capitalistic and frankly, un-American. Sure, we've all heard the reasons, but as I read this article at the Imo's in Webster Groves on Friday night, I was reminded of another benefit from smoking indoors. Ever since I was a kid I can remember my mom teaching me that when you go to a restaurant, if you ask to sit in the smoking section, there won't be as many kids. It's true. I eat at bars and restaurants every week, and I almost always sit at the bar. It's nice. Compare that to Imo's, where kids were running amok, frankly, ruining my eating and reading experience. I can only imagine a future where all of my restaurants are ruined because there is no smoking section for me to sit in peace and not be disturbed by little kids running around stomping their feet and making faces at me!
Nsr, Webster Groves, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 28, 2009
It's no big deal: Just as well ["St. Louis Investigator Says Stray Dogs Are Thrown to the Lions in Cuba," Nicholas Phillips]. If the lions don't eat them, they'll just hop on rafts and come here.
Josh, via the Internet

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