Readers argue about whether blame for Anthony Rice's death is black-and-white — and whether Reggie Allen deserves the rap he's getting

Readers argue about whether blame for Anthony Rice's death is black-and-white — and whether Reggie Allen deserves the rap he's getting

Light a single candle: It's obvious this story has really struck a chord with its readers, and I agree that it is difficult to ignore the obvious racism hinted at here ["Left For Dead," Nicholas Phillips]. But before everyone grabs their torches and pitchforks, let's remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message really was: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."

Threatening Reggie Allen or his family only leads to more darkness. Hopefully this story sheds light on the injustices in this sad series of events and those who are responsible for providing justice do so — while those who wish to create more darkness find other ways to express their anger and frustration.
ES, via the Internet

Justice, not race: Look, if you read this article closely — which nobody seems to have done — there's no serious evidence that Reggie Allen himself was a racist guy. (Maybe a customer or coworker of his, OK, but not Reggie himself — hell, even a black friend of his stood up for him in the story!)

From what I can tell, Reggie did not do what he did because of race. Reggie did what he did because he's a hothead who can't control himself — you see it again and again and again in his record.

That's why this is a "big deal." This guy has very rarely been punished for his crimes. What's happened here is that one victim's family has decided to not be afraid, not shut up and not let him get away with murder.

This isn't about race. It's about justice — and the criminal-justice people, whose salaries we pay, actually doing their jobs.
Reality Check, via the Internet

Power, not race: I gotta tell you that if I were black, I would see this as a racial deal absolutely, with no doubt in my mind.

The thing is, I'm not black. I'm white. I have lived in a poor neighborhood in St. Clair County before, and I can tell you that the politicians treat all of us like that. When one of your relatives or friends is murdered, don't go looking for justice from the courts, because it won't happen.

If you're poor, you're seen as politically useless. If you're seen as politically useless, you can get killed, and the prosecutor's office will fight to keep from prosecuting the obviously guilty.
Susieque2, via the Internet

Money talks: Oh, I wonder why this psychotic piece of white trash has not been prosecuted for about 30 different felonies. Could it have anything to do with the fact that his family obviously has been throwing money at the corrupt city government for years? How noble of them!

All of you white-sheet-wearing morons can keep defending your sweetheart friend Reggie who sounds as pure (and white) as the driven snow.
Jaco1175, via the Internet

Don't bring a gun to a knife fight: Is Reggie a bad guy? Absolutely. But I definitely don't believe these boys were as innocent as they are portraying, either. When you shoot a gun during a fight, you should know bad things are going to happen.

Why did they even have a gun in the first place while out partying if they weren't looking for trouble?
Tuckerd28, via the Internet

More gun blame: I got one thing to ask: If Reggie were black, and Anthony were white, would the people of East St. Louis be on Anthony's side? Nothing will bring him back. Instead of playing the race card, maybe people should learn from what happened. My personal opinion: If someone were to open fire on me, I too would take any measures to protect myself.

I agree this paper published a one-sided story. Why would you publish this when they are trying to lay Reggie's father to rest? Let the law handle this matter.

I understand the Rice family's pain, but maybe instead of focusing on hate, they should teach all young men and women to think before they act. Guns do not solve anything.

Rest In Peace, Woody.
1-sided story, via the Internet

Next time, call the cops: As for any business owner, you are not to take matters into your own hands. Not one time did I read that the police were called due to a disturbance. If these young men were acting in a manner unbecoming of said establishment, the owners and their security had time to call the police to have the unwanted party removed.

Example: If you get into a fight with someone and come back and hurt or kill that person, it would be considered as premeditated, given the fact that you had time to think about what you should or should not do.
Just a thought, via the Internet

Father of the year: I pray for peace for Anthony's mother, his children and his family. Sometimes we have to take the long road to justice just because we are a strong race. The long wait is in hope that you will give up and let go.

How the state of Illinois let a person with such a criminal history raise and have custody of children is unbelievable. God has all power and will put the right people in place to bring justice in Anthony's name so the Rice family can have peace.
Kgibbs1962, via the Internet

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