Readers compare St. Louis to Austin and contemplate the Internet's darker sides

Readers compare St. Louis to Austin and contemplate the Internet's darker sides

FEATURE, MAY 7, 2009
Pulling the plug is always an option: Why must people who don't understand something immediately demonize it ["Craigslist Unclassified," Bradley Campbell and Matt Snyders]? If you care that much about your kids seeing objectionable material, get off your dead hind end and learn how to stop it. Software (free) is readily available to prevent access, and ultimately you can always pull the plug. Idiots! Idiots! Idiots!
CL Is the Best, St. Louis, via the Internet

A to Z, May 7, 2009
And so is Zaleski's review: Thank you, Annie, for getting it so right ["Review + Setlist: Leonard Cohen at the Chicago Theatre, Wednesday, May 6," Annie Zaleski]. You found the words to report honestly and accurately. I was at the May 5 concert, and it was one of the most satisfying musical events I've ever witnessed. I've been a Cohen fan since — gulp — 1967, and his songs have carried me through many glorious and painful moments. I consider it a blessing to have lived long enough to see him rise, disappear and emerge, now more brilliant than even in my memory.
Gary Knowles, via the Internet

Gut Check, MAY 6, 2009
Sports bars battle: Here's an idea: How about one of them opening their business somewhere else ["FoodWire: Ozzie, Pujols Restaurants in Legal Battle," Ian Froeb]? It's not like there aren't a lot of places to stick a sports bar in this town. Be creative for once.
Jeff, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 5, 2009
Latest muse over smoking ban: This seems like a no-brainer ["Clayton Smoking Ban: By the Numbers," Chad Garrison]. If you support the ban, then let those businesses that are against it know how you feel: that you would rather spend your time and money in a smoke-free establishment rather than a smoke-filled one. On the other hand, if you don't support the ban, you might as well support these anti-ban businesses and let them know. Vote with your wallets is all I'm saying.
ASTX813, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 4, 2009
Let's ask a furry: No, I don't approve of harassment ["Chuck E. Cheese Boob Grab Revealed! The Photo That Prompted a Lawsuit," Chad Garrison]. But could the mascot have been putting his hand on her shoulder, and because of his big costume head, not seen fully where it went? Can any furries out there attest to not having a full view when in costume?
Rat Bastard, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 1, 2009
Stop whining: Despite the fact that the comparison is not valid, St. Louisans (including myself) need to quit making excuses and realize that that guy is right ["St. Louis Won't be Backin' McCracken," Chad Garrison]. The facts are there. When people are asked to respond about this, and the best thing they can say is "frozen custard and baseball," one might think it seems obvious. We cannot deny that vast areas of downtown are in a decrepit state. None of this is easy to rebuild overnight, but it's time to quit making excuses.
Anonymous, via the Internet

A Lloyd Bentsen wannabe: Brewster McCracken is correct in noting that St. Louis was one of the most regal and important cities in the nation in 1904, but he is presumptuous in the implication that Austin shares even a fraction of that kind of international attention and relevance today. I'm familiar with 1904 St. Louis. I've studied 1904 St. Louis. And, Austin, you're no 1904 St. Louis!
Chris Andoe, via the Internet

Don't fool with scammers: Paul Kinsella should not be telling the scammers that he is fooling with them ["Master Baiter," Nicholas Phillips]! By doing so, he is teaching scammers how to identify a fake "victim." He should instead focus on annoying the scammers until they say, "I've had it with you." Or he can kill off his characters and make the scammers feel like they lost the big one.
Solensin Robv, Dededo, Guam, via the Internet

You're no loony: Don't listen to them, Paul. Remember, they called Galileo a lunatic, too! Or they would have, if he ever tried this.
Gillooly, Kinloch, via the Internet

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