Readers discuss the highs and lows of medical marijuana, while Skip Olsen's reputation goes up in smoke

Readers discuss the highs and lows of medical marijuana, while Skip Olsen's reputation goes up in smoke

Last week's feature story, "Is There a Doctor in the House?" may have implied that Doug Lindsay contemplated purchasing a human cadaver. Lindsay has clarified to Riverfront Times that he did not look into purchasing a cadaver, but rather that he "asked ethicists if it was reasonable to suggest to a surgeon that if they wanted to test whether the surgery was possible, they could try the surgery on a fresh cadaver, and asked ethicists what a surgeon at a hospital would face in terms of arranging this." Additionally, Lindsay did not purchase a bag of 50 pig adrenal glands as the story indicated. He purchased 4 formaldehyde-steeped hog kidneys from a batch of 50 offered by a science lab supply firm and procured several unpreserved glands from a Pennsylvania farmer.

Local control is no panacea: Look who is on the board right now — Mayor Slay and others from the St. Louis area ["Are You Against Local Control of the St. Louis Police Department? Then 'Friend' It!" Chad Garrison]. To say that there isn't local control isn't really true. The city is flat-out broke due to mismanaged spending by the alderclowns, and a $500 million pension sure is a nice big fat piggy bank to tap when you're flat-out broke and need to pay your political supporters. Don't be blinded and think for one second that "local" control is somehow going to be the magic bullet that will make corruption go away.
Not a cop, via the Internet

Hats off: You're such a fucking douchebag ["First Robber of the Year Hits St. Louis Bank; Daily RFT Spots Trend, Offers Solution," Chad Garrison]. Making a disingenuous correlation between the assertion that guns don't kill and wearing hats? They can choose to completely ban them as a condition of entry. That in no way is a violation of anyone's rights because you have no right to be on their private property to begin with.
Anonymous, via the Internet

He earned his ass-clown stripes: Skip Ohlsen deserved to win, I say ["Election of the Daily RFT's 'Ass Clown of the Year' Marred by Voter Fraud, Glaring Omission," Chad Garrison]. That's what he gets for feeding me Klondike bars, yogurt and coffee — plus throwing me in the dishwasher with his dirty underwear and stinky socks. It all gave me real bad gas.
Skip's Goat, via the Internet

Medicinal-marijuana advocates blowing smoke: Smoking a joint does not make marijuana medicinal ["Some Illinois Republicans Are High on Medical Marijuana," Keegan Hamilton]. Neither the National MS Society nor the American Cancer Society advocates its use.

"For all the debate over whether marijuana has medicinal value, arguments that the drug has significant palliative properties or that it has none suffer from the same flaw: There's little scientific proof either way," states a Los Angeles Times editorial. And, Washington Post editors write: "More information — good old-fashioned scientific information — is needed before the federal government or more states formally endorse marijuana smoking for medicinal use."

Finally, the AMA is calling "for further adequate and well-controlled studies of marijuana and related cannabinoids in patients who have serious conditions for which preclinical, anecdotal or controlled evidence suggests possible efficacy and the application of such results to the understanding and treatment of disease."
JS, via the Internet

Do your homework: JS, you really need to do your research and stop cherry-picking "facts," as there are more than 17,000 peer-reviewed double-blind studies worldwide as to the efficacy of medicinal cannabis. You would have known that if you'd done the research that "marijuana" is a slang term and not the correct name of this plant. As to the two groups you listed, you are correct they are the two largest groups that still oppose this course of action. You would be very hard-pressed to find many more, as the vast majority of medical groups out there do support the medical use of cannabis. Talk too soon and look the fool, my friend.
Chet R Biggerstaff, via the Internet

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