Readers express concern over Rush's bid for the Rams, loony democrats and gun-toting drunks

Readers express concern over Rush's bid for the Rams, loony democrats and gun-toting drunks

Does Willie Nelson know?: It's ironic that the thousands of acres of farmland surrounding the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater are targeted for commercial development ["Local Harvest," Annie Zaleski, Roy Kasten, Christian Schaeffer]. I was part of an exhibit in this year's Homegrown Village titled "Save It, Don't Pave It." We were there, partnered with Thies Farm, to promote awareness of this. The entire day Sunday [at the Farm Aid concert], I kept wondering, "Are Willie, Neil, John and Dave aware of what's going on right here, literally in the event's back yard?" Something has to be done to help these farms.
Brigitte, Chesterfield, via the Internet

Just saying: I suppose it was only a matter of time before Rush Limbaugh tried to buy some black people ["Think the Rams Couldn't Get Any More Despicable? Meet Their Possible New Owner," Chad Garrison].
J. Brad Hicks, via the Internet

Pay no mind to that man behind the microphone: Obviously, Chad Garrison's rant against Limbaugh shows he hasn't a clue to why it makes sense. If the Dave Checketts team acquires the St. Louis Rams, they will have to keep it in St. Louis due to NHL rules on owning other professional franchises. The other parties bidding on the team won't be held to this rule. Who really gives a crap if Limbaugh owns a minority of the Rams? Bitching about him only validates that he's under your skin, just where he wants to be.
Anonymous, via the Internet

Even Democrats think she's nutty: The real reason Democrats are not implementing Cindy Sheehan's agenda, despite being solidly in power, is because they are a reasonable center-left party, and not a loony like her ["Cindy Sheehan: 'It's been change in the wrong direction,'" Ellis E. Conklin].
Internet Joe, via the Internet

Screwy agenda: Implementing Sheehan's agenda, Internet Joe? I think you mean the agenda that the Democratic Party ran on last year (i.e., ending the war in Iraq) — promises that they have not followed through on and could have easily since they control Congress and the executive branch.

Removing our troops from other sovereign nations is apparently "loony." What would we do if they tried to come into our country and have bases and/or wars?
Libertarian Girl, via the Internet

I left my heart in San Fransicko: The Democratic Party, by and large, has become a party as loony as Sheehan. Will a minority of sane Democrats support the Marxist San Fransicko agenda of the party leadership, or will they make good, at least some of their centrist campaign promises? We'll see.
Vladimir Jabotinsky, via the Internet

Be grateful for Olympic rejection: Chicago should be happy ["Cheer Up Chicago, You Did Have the Olympics Once, Kind Of," Aimee Levitt]. I live in Vancouver, B.C., where the Winter Olympics are going to be held next year. It sounded like a good idea, but the construction has been a nightmare, and it hasn't really done anything other than bring more people to this already crowded city. Also, the city is $60 million in debt, meaning garbage removal is going to be only once a week, no pothole fixing, barely any snow removal, and parking fines are going to go up to insane heights and so are taxes. Be thankful, Chicago, the Olympics are a crazy advertising extravaganza. That is all.
Omar, via the Internet

Packing booze should be a constitutional right: Tell you what, do a survey that involves all the police officers in your state ["Should Drunks Be Allowed to Carry Guns?" Keegan Hamilton]. Then find out how many of these "only ones" carry while drinking or drunk, all while not going "psycho" and "wild West" on everyone. Being that I have family and many police officers that are friends, this is an observation from experience. To claim that this only occurs in my neck of the woods is utter nonsense and a statistical improbability! Once you have that number, and it will surprise you, please reiterate why there should be a law against having a drink while exercising your Second Amendment rights. What's good for the police is good for the average citizen.
Jarhead1982, via the Internet

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