Readers get fired up about smoking bans and Hanifan

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Readers get fired up about smoking bans and Hanifan


Slay the Smoking Nazis

Leave my cigarettes alone: Thank God Mr. Slay has not given into the smoking Nazis ["Another Year Up in Smoke as Slay Unveils His '09 Legislative Agenda," Chad Garrison]. I say good for him that he chooses not to discriminate against one-fourth of the population, like so many other states have done. You know, it's funny that so many people who push for a smoking ban are the same people who drink and drive nearly every weekend. How about we push for a device that will prevent a car from starting if the owner blows a .08?
K. B. Slone, via the Internet

Bad smoker, bad smoker: I moved to St. Louis back in June from Columbia. Columbia has a citywide smoking ban. I loved it. You didn't have to wait for tables as much, you didn't have to wash your winter coat after going to a bar because of the smoke, and businesses didn't close, either. The only places that did close, and claimed it was the smoking ban, were crappy establishments with few customers. They just used the smoking ban as a scapegoat. Smoking is bad — and bad for everyone. I don't want to be forced to inhale secondhand smoke just because I enjoy a drink in a bar with friends. It's time to ban it in public places.
Brad, via the Internet

Smoke and mirrors: I am a smoker, and the more time that goes by, the more smokers are persecuted. I have gotten the feeling more than one time that just because I choose to light up, I get treated like a second-class citizen. I am happy that St. Louis has yet to pass a smoking ban, but here's a question: Do smoking bans really work? I mean, Alton, Illinois, has one in place, and according to an article in the RFT ["Alton Confidential," December 11, 2008, Chad Garrison], people still smoke in public places.
Chaz, via the Internet

Bowling Green's got it right: Kudos to Bowling Green, Kentucky. These people have the ultimate solution. Ban the ban lobbyists. We're all rooting for them. Keep up the lobbyist bans.
Bob, via the Internet

A to Z, DECEMBER 30, 2008

Bluebird of Happiness

High hopes for remodeled club: A new and improved bar was definitely needed, but keep the Busch beer ["The Bluebird in 2009: New Look, New Approach, New Name," Annie Zaleski]. Overall, I think Mike is being too hard on how the Bluebird was doing in its first year. You've already got the best club in town. Keep it up! High on my wish list for Bluebird improvements — that may be impossible due to the current layout — would be to find a way to keep the bathroom lights from disrupting the dark show floor. It seems to kill the mood at some shows when the room is lit up across from the stage from someone needing to take a whizz. As long as the change of ownership doesn't imply that this will now be the InBev Blue Avian Club, I think we'll all be OK.
Shawn, via the Internet


Heads or Hanifan?

Tails have it: Hasn't Jim Hanifan ever heard of the time-tested adage: Tails never fails ["Speaking of Petitions...Please Join Me in Demanding the Resignation of Rams Radio Commentator Jim Hanifan," Chad Garrison]? Evidently not.
Seely, via the Internet

Nitpick all you want: This may be too nitpicky, but I hate the sound of the tackle and whistle, and then that generic rock gibberish when they come back from a commercial. It's annoying; go with some real music. I also laugh when Hanny calls out the defense: 30 nickle, 30 nickle.
V Daddy, via the Internet


Mixtape Oversight

Dr. Dude demands a recount: Great call on Fleet Foxes ["We Made You a Mixtape! 2008: The Year in Music"]. But what the hell? There were plenty more decent releases. T.I., Death Cab and Coldplay? Come on.
Dr. Dude, St. Louis, via the Internet


Grooveless in St. Louis

Second half disappointed: I saw the December 20 show ["A Monstrous Anniversary," Shae Moseley]. I was pretty impressed with the musicianship and the overall effort in the show for the most part. The first half of the show was great. The second half was pretty ragged. "Us and Them" was rushed and confused. They lost the groove throughout the song and seemed bored, like they wanted to get out of there. The lady singers were a disappointment. I know it's a tall order to match the original vocals, but I didn't even know what melody they were shooting for in "The Great Gig in the Sky."
Arlo Jones, via the Internet


Deal with it, Alton

The truth will set you free: I live in Alton and have heard people complaining about this article — especially some of the politicos and wannabe big shots ["Alton Confidential," Chad Garrison]. When I was done with the article, I was in total agreement with it. The people over here can bitch all they want, but they are bitching about the truth. If the people of Alton don't like what the article says, then change it.
Bradfordshort, via the Internet

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