Readers hammer deadbeats and RFT's theater critic

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FEATURE, May 22, 2008

Pay The Piper

Not Our Fault: Kristen Hinman's "Deadbeats Ho!" listed Hertz 10 South Broadway, LLC as a "Real Estate Tax Deadbeat" for failure to pay $882,000.00 in property taxes. We immediately responded by contacting the City of St. Louis Office of Revenue. We were able to obtain specifics regarding the tax delinquency listed in the publication. The Office of Revenue has admitted that there was a recording error with the entry on its part. When the initial check from Hertz 10 South Broadway, LLC in the amount of $992,000.00 was received prior to due date in December 2007, the City of St. Louis Office of Revenue erroneously entered only $100,000.00 as the payment amount in its system, thus creating what appeared to be a real estate delinquency. The City of St. Louis is correcting its error immediately.

Hertz 10 South Broadway, LLC is upset about this incident; we consider ourselves good corporate citizens. We pay our taxes in full, and we pay them on time, just as do other property owners in our community.
Carol A. Degener, property manager, Hertz 10

Shame on you tax dodgers: The arrogance of the tax dodgers is particularly brash when some of these corporations listed are recipients of tax incentive programs for new developments, notably loft projects in the City of St. Louis. These companies are imploring the City of St. Louis for significant tax benefits allocated on the basis of development not otherwise being possible. Then the companies have the nerve to avoid paying their taxes! It is an affront to all property owners who pay their taxes in a timely manner.
Gerry Connolly, St. Louis

STAGE, MAY 29, 2008

How Contemptible

Have you nothing nice to say?: Dennis Brown's review, "Richard the Turd," is the latest expression of his long-simmering and inexplicable contempt for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. From his opening scatological taunt, he minces his way full of smirky sarcasm to fault this season's production of Richard III. Though Brown actually raises some valid points in his criticism, the tone of his inquiry is so vitriolic that his arguments dissolve in sulfurous fumes. The Festival is a major gift from many, many supporters who are committed to providing a festival with Shakespeare as its centerpiece. In addition to its annual main stage production, the Festival's education program brings the power of Shakespeare's words to large audiences throughout the region. Last year over 50,000 people attended Much Ado About Nothing. This year more than 20,000 young people have benefited from our education programs. We are building community in St. Louis, while offering an experience that is unlike any other in this town. Let Mr. Brown revel in his jibes and gotchas. He is certainly entitled to his point of view. But in his zeal to criticize, might he not occasionally show some respect for this community-based institution?
Mary Morgan, trustee and founding board member, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

In the Night & Day item about the Charles Band Full Moon Horror Show, "Terror at Off Broadway," from the June 5 issue, we listed an incorrect start time. The event began at 8 p.m., not 9 p.m. Additionally, scheduled guests Sid Haig and Bill Moseley did not appear owing to unforeseen circumstances.

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