Readers look forward to a return of civility in Webster Groves and far-reaching crime via MetroLink

Readers look forward to a return of civility in Webster Groves and far-reaching crime via MetroLink

A black student's viewpoint: I do not condone what these students did ["The Noose From SLU: Student Leaders Resign Over Controversial Photo," Aimee Levitt]. However, let me ask how this is any different from African Americans using the "N" word all the time. It's just as bad, but no one brings it up. Oh, and before people start slamming me, I am an African American student who attends the university.
SLU Student, via the Internet

Nooses used on a lot of white necks, too: SLU Student, your analogy makes no sense at all. Because we have no idea in what context this picture was taken, we have no idea what to make of it. This seems like an immature attempt to make fun of racism while still taking a risqué photo.

I get a kick out of the fact that nobody seems to be suggesting that they were being "anti-white." After all, nooses were used to enact frontier justice for hundreds of years in this country, and the majority of victims were white. Anyone ever seen a Clint Eastwood movie?
James Diamond, via the Internet

Wheels down in Joplin: Regardless of the cop's words, I'd be willing to bet that the 39-year-old driver was a hillbilly jerk who tried to manhandle a minor and got busted in the face ["Skateboarders Attack Motorist, Man Hospitalized After Face Meets Grip Tape," Amir Kurtovic]. Do you really think he was all, "Kind sirs, please remove yourselves from my path"?

With whom do you think the cops in a town like Joplin will side, the 39-year-old with a pickup truck or the skateboarder? You think the skaters just attacked this guy, unprovoked? I don't know. Seems off is all. Country folk have a bad track record when it comes to their relations with fringe kids like skaters.
David, via the Internet

Long overdue in Webster Groves: I am overjoyed that the "civility" won in Webster Groves ["'Civility' Reigns in Webster Groves as City Council Race Ends in a Tie," Ellis E. Conklin]. Clearly many voters were making a statement. It would have been very embarrassing for Webster Groves if civility lost. Webster Groves went through a "civil war" between 1994 and 1998 when an outsider-type mayor was elected. The community was divided again over a housing issue between 2002 and 2004 when the social fabric of Webster was once again badly frayed, so hopefully civility can be the new norm like it had been historically before 1994.
Charles Schneider, via the Internet

And send it to Paul McKee: Sounds like someone didn't get the memo ["State Sues Paul McKee's NorthSide Regeneration," Chad Garrison].

From: MoDOT
To: Paul McKee
Subject: RE: New Bridge

Hey, Paul, just to give you a heads up, we got the funding to build a new bridge. Isn't that great?!
Anyway, before you get started on your project, could we borrow about three acres to connect the bridge to the interstate? It would make the guys in Illinois happy.
Give us a call, buddy.
MrHacks, via the Internet

Now MetroLink can spread crime everywhere: I'm glad to see this passed ["Future of St. Louis Public Transportation Up for Vote Today," Chad Garrison]. It is absolutely unconscionable to allow crime to be concentrated in just some areas within the larger metro area. It is absolutely critical that we, as an ethical society, commit our resources to building a mechanism by which the criminal element can get free access to areas not currently saddled with the attentions of that element. We have always had quite a few pieces of the plan in place, such as free parking, no turnstiles, a prohibition against fines for not having a ticket, etc. The free-ride part is there. But what has not been fully in place is the tax to finish building out the system. This is a proud first step in the work that needs doing.

What happens when Clayton is entirely gutted, reduced to a shell of its former self? Where are the criminals to go then? MetroLink is going to solve that problem. As an ethical people, we need to make certain there is fresh meat available for people who cannot help themselves.
Louisa McKendrick, via the Internet

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