Readers mull Monsanto and Mexico

Readers mull Monsanto and Mexico

DAILY RFT, JUNE 11, 2009
Monsanto's out to destroy all things organic: Monsanto is an evil company ["Monsanto to Food Inc.: Drop Dead," Aimee Levitt]. They've sued poor farmers in India who have used the seeds without even knowing about them. They are also actively trying to rid the world of all organic food species by using their seeds to crowd out the existing crops. There was a great documentary about this called The World According to Monsanto. Learn the truth! Monsanto is evil.
EffMonsanto, via the Internet

Monsanto is misjudged: Monsanto is a company that develops seeds and products that help farmers do what they do best — raise crops to feed people like you and me. Much misinformation exists about the company. As a son of a farmer who purchases Monsanto products, I suggest readers take a moment to look over Monsanto's position on the many allegations levied at the company before casting judgment. If you've eaten today, thank a farmer.
4agriculture, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JUNE 11, 2009
How stupid can one be?: Not only is he a killer, but he's a complete idiot ["The Big Bloody: Coleman Sent Threats from Laptop, Told Girlfriend He Was Divorcing Wife," Chad Garrison]. Didn't Jay Leno have a segment called "Stupid Criminals" or something like that? Christopher Coleman would be in the battle of champions.
Rita, via the Internet

Time to be clear about anxiety disorder: I believe that the league may need to be a little more transparent about how it goes about making a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder ["Dubious Diagnosis: Does Kahlil Greene Really Have a Social Anxiety Disorder?" Ellis E. Conklin]. Doing so might help the public better understand and offer a little more sympathy for players with the problem. Although it is true that those diagnosed with the disorder generally have had a history with the ailment, it is not necessarily something that others would realize. Many people keep their symptoms to themselves until it gets too hard to cope.
Arlin Cuncic, via the Internet

Stop Mexicans from taking over: There is going to be a time, in the not-too-distant future, when we are going to get fed up with government not doing anything about this ["Eighth U.S. Circuit Court to Mexican Immigrants: 'Adios, Illegals!'" Ellis E. Conklin]. Press 2 for English, 1 for Spanish? They are taking us over, without a shot being fired!
Steve, via the Internet

Mexico corrupt, Americans stupid: Any person in a position of power who continues to aid and abet illegal immigration needs to be removed — posthaste. Americans don't want to be taxed any longer to pay for the citizens of failed and corrupt states like Mexico. Mexico is a rich nation, and the people who govern it are laughing, laughing at the stupidity of Americans who are used and abused by our nation for the purpose of taking care of Mexican foreign nationals. These politicians had better change their tunes or they will see a mass movement to remove those phony representatives by the thousands. Americans will elect people who actually represent Americans.
Bobby, via the Internet

And a keen observation: When my grandfather did [craft brewing] they called it "bootlegging" ["Brew, Baby, Brew," Ian Froeb].
Flyoverland, via the Internet

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