Readers pounce on prostitutes, paint and Provel

Jun 18, 2008 at 4:00 am


Sex Tubes For Sale

To whore or not to whore: Is there a site for drug dealers and druggies as well ["OldestProfession2.0," Keegan Hamilton]? Don't druggies deserve to have reviews of the drugs before purchasing them? How about for the trading of slaves? Don't consumers deserve to know if there purchase will fit the needs of their hobby (rape or molestation)? Any sex trade worker is a fool if they don't realize that their kids know, and that they are a part of the inequality problem for women all over the world. Being a hired sex tube is not anything to be proud of. You are putting yourself and your family in harm's way. I'm going to work now at my $10.50 an hour job. I don't live beyond my means and I try to save what I can. I guess it's an individual choice. To a): put my family at risk, put my life at risk, put my emotional well-being at risk, become a liar all for the sake of money, or b) work a job that doesn't pay as well, not have as much money, find my kicks with my soul mate, climb a mountain, run a marathon, spend time trying to help sex workers get out of the profession, and not having to worry about getting AIDS or giving AIDS to someone I love. I pick B.
Adam from Brentwood, via the Internet


Get a Life!

And keep your hands off my spray paint: What a waste of time even considering such a ridiculous law. So if I wanted to paint my patio furniture and it requires more than three cans of paint, I'll have to make sure I have my ID before I can buy it? Wow, I was under the assumption that this is a free country and not a socialist police state. How about addressing real problems like the homeless and poor in our city and leave the insignificant, petty problems like tagging and graffiti to local law enforcement.
Mike from St. Louis

Pissants. Hmmm: Ban the taggers. Political idiots. It is not the spray paint's fault. It is the idiot taggers. If they are illegal, deport them. Start treating them like the pissants they are.
Jean from California, via the Internet

CAFÉ, MAY 29, 2008

Ian Is a Pizza Basher

Why does he hate us so?: I don't understand why the RFT would hire a St. Louis outsider like Ian Froeb, who constantly bashes St. Louis-style pizza with insults and hatred, as he did in his review, "Magnum Pi." If it is his opinion, why does He want to be so mean? St. Louis natives love and are proud of their provel, pizza, pork steaks, ribs and toasted ravioli heritage. Why would RFT want to alienate their audience with someone who clearly hates St. Louis-style pizza? I loathe Ian Froeb as much as he loathes provel on a thin crust.
Heather Woodside, St. Louis

In last week's feature, "The 2008 RFT Music Award Winners: The Results Are In!" we erroneously stated that the group Ded Bugs is on Space Parlour: Live in St. Louis Series 2007, which was voted Best Local Release (self-released). In fact, the group Bug is on this compilation album, not Ded Bugs.