Readers question Ian's taste and tell us to leave glowsticks at home.

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Sound Tribe Sector 9

Café, February 21, 2008

Fancy feast

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Ian, nobody cares if you can tell herding dogs from work dogs, or if you're a cat fancier [Ian Froeb, "Curious Gorge"]. What we do care about is that you get your reviews right. I suggest you return to Three Monkeys Sunday morning and sample their Sunday brunch. This time, pay attention to the food instead of the TV screen.
Joe Pfeffer, St. Louis

Critics' Picks, January 31, 2008

Let's Play Fact or Fiction

A plea for accuracy: Being a part-time resident of St. Louis, I appreciate its music scene and venues, but I am also a longtime fan and friend of Sound Tribe Sector 9. There are things about this band that are well-known facts and figures, easily retrieved by a basic Internet search and light reading on the band's Web site that should absolutely be reflected in any printed piece. In Ryan Wasoba's shockingly inaccurate preview of the band's February 2 show at the Pageant, I was appalled at the lack of research or factual information offered.

For example, it is well known that STS9 asks venues to confiscate glowsticks at first entry. Wasoba called the band "glowstick-friendly." He also seems to have no working knowledge of the band's sound, as he compared them to a DJ and also the jam band Phish. Musical tastes can obviously differ, but similarities between the two barely exist. No one who is a fan of this band, or who has seen them, would like or respect the fact that they are being referenced to a drug culture. As with any concert, drugs may be present, but they are not condoned by the band or the majority of its followers. Because it's a small article in a local newspaper there was probably little harm done, but I'm sure I speak for all of us within the STS9 community when I say we are upset by this. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to more informative and accurate reviews in the future.
Lauren Schmitz, Lake Bluff, Illinois

Café, January 3, 2008

Think Positive, Ian

And escape to ~scape: Ian Froeb's critique on ~scape missed the target ["Eh, ~scape"]. Yes, the tab can add up if one isn't careful. However, there are plenty of options within a limited budget. I enjoyed mussels and a fondue artichoke; surprisingly, the gourmet burger was perhaps the best I have ever had. Who knew? If you are looking for fillet, I suggest you go to Morton's or treat your wife to a home-grilled, marinated treasure (if you cook or even own a grill). Otherwise, with a little creativity I found it easy to maneuver the ~scape menu for a delightful experience. Perhaps you should temper your critique until you have had more time to evaluate something new. As the local restaurant economy faces a plethora of economic challenges, important voices like yours might shift to a more positive focus and escape the false intimidations. We should be promoting local multi-industry investments. I only say this because I just invested five minutes redirecting a friend's opinion of where we should dine tonight. He got wind of your unbalanced opinion and was shying away from trying ~scape.
Mark Hanis, Chesterfield

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