Readers speculate on the ongoing Christian Ferguson case, red-light cameras and a so-so show

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Readers speculate on the ongoing Christian Ferguson case, red-light cameras and a so-so show

Pay the darn fine: Good, go get Granny ["City Collections Firm Hounds Granny For 12-Year-Old Traffic Ticket," Chad Garrison]. She broke the law, and she should pay. If she doesn't, throw her in the city workhouse. She can call the ACLU and complain if she wants. Seriously, old or not, break the law — pay your fine.
Crazy Ed, via the Internet

A to Z, MARCH 30, 2009
Saying it like it is: Roy, excellent job of bringing up the highlights of an overall not-so-great evening ["Show Review: Drive-By Truckers at the Pageant, Saturday, March 28," Roy Kasten]. Having all ages on the floor was a horrible decision. If I were underage, I would be content being confined to the right of the stage like most all-ages shows are. Plus, why was it all right to smoke on the floor but not drink? "Plane" and "Rock" were versions of what every song was last year — dynamic, inspired and urgent. The rest of the show, though a far cry from bad, was certainly a far cry from great.
Worldclassfad, via the Internet

Damning evidence: Hmmm, the SUV is stolen with Christian Ferguson in it ["Vanishing Act, Part 2," Kristen Hinman]. It's found fairly quickly, undamaged, with the keys in the ignition and nothing missing except the child. Reading the article, we discover that the child was obviously abused and neglected. Dawan Ferguson's girlfriend's car is 100 yards away from the pay phone that he used to call the police. It's pretty obvious what happened. Dad is slime and should be locked in a box without food or water until he tells the police where his son is.
Steve, Denver, via the Internet

The Walgreens theory: Hello? Sooner or later the kidnapper is going to run out of medicine. Dawan must leave no Walgreens unturned in his search for the culprit.
Gillooly, Kinloch, via the Internet

Guilty of neglect, at the very least: This story is just so sad. I suppose we must presume Dawan is innocent until proven guilty, but he is definitely guilty of neglecting his child. If Dawan didn't want to take care of Christian, why not just send him to his mother? Why are people so selfish and inconsiderate? It's not Christian's fault he was born with an illness. If Dawan couldn't handle it, then he shouldn't have had custody rights. R.I.P., Christian Ferguson.
Pixie, St. Louis, via the Internet

A prayer for Christian: I just want to say that I thank you, RFT, for remembering this child, because I think about him all the time. My heart just hurts for this mother and family. I say a prayer when he crosses my mind. I no longer ask myself the question, Why did this happen? I just want to hear that the child is found safe and sound. I hate to believe that a person could be so hard-hearted to separate a child from a mother's arms. Thank you again, RFT. Let's not forget about him.
faith, East St. Louis, via the Internet

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