Readers' support for KWMU is strong — for Phyllis Schlafly, not so much

The Tragedy of King Richard III

STAGE, MAY 29, 2008

Plot Thickens

Dennis is a turd blossom: I will grant Dennis Brown that The Tragedy of King Richard III, which he reviewed in the story "Richard the Turd," isn't the most entertaining of the Shakespeare in Forest Park shows. However, I too attended Friday's opening performance, and I can attest to the fact that the major evacuation at intermission was primarily due to the chilly air. 

Given the very critical nature of Mr. Brown's review, I also think it would serve him well to get the basic facts about the plot correct. In an early scene where Richard III woos Lady Anne, his outlandish behavior is not carried out in the presence of her husband's corpse as Mr. Brown suggests. That dead guy is her father-in-law. Richard did kill Lady Anne's husband, too, but he's a different corpse.
Timothy Barker, Clayton

UNREAL, MAY 15, 2008

Wrong, Wrighton!

Honoring Schafly was a disgrace: In regards to Unreal's "Stoking the Star Maker Machinery," and as a doctoral student at Washington University and recipient of the Chancellor's Fellowship, I suggest that Chancellor Mark Wrighton review many of Phyllis Schlafly's statements about Native Americans (they are "savages"), feminists ("losers" and "bitter women" who need to "get a life"), LGBT people (we are all apparently equivalent to prostitutes) and many other groups of people whom she clearly despises. Once he has done so, I would be interested in hearing him explain how honoring her could ever foster "collegial dialogue and discourse." If the university actually valued collegial dialogue, then it would not have chosen to honor an individual who embodies its antithesis.

I am a gay Latino from a family of immigrants, and Chancellor Wrighton is conferring the university's highest honor upon a person who has gleefully insulted my integrity as a human being. Even worse, she has gone so far as to question the legitimacy of my citizenship in this country, despite the fact that I was born here. As a practicing social worker, I had to witness personally the devastating impact that marital rape has upon women. I doubt those women would accept your apology either.
Peter Cabrera, St. Louis

FEATURE, MAY 8, 2008

Peeved By Patty

But still supports KMWU: In regards to Chad Garrison's "Radio Active," while it is terrible and shocking about what Patty Wente did to KWMU, it is wrong to punish the rest of the honest, decent people who work there. I'm a supporter of the station because of the shows, like Jazz Unlimited, St. Louis On The Air, Cityscape and others. I will probably (if and when I can) continue to support the station, even if others may not, because these shows are an example of what public radio offers to the city.
Michael D. Chlanda, St. Louis

Erratum In last week's restaurant review, "Magnum Pi," Ian Froeb wrote that the crew of the Enterprise used pi to defeat a nefarious computer in the Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer." In fact, the episode in question is "A Wolf in the Fold." Ian is grateful, however, that his memories of Star Trek have begun to fade.

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