Readers take on CNN's Dana Loesch hire and all those drugs at Camp Zoe

Readers praise Missouri Digital Heritage and argue about CNN hiring Dana Loesch

The people have spoken: Congrats, Dana ["CNN Adds Dana Loesch in Effort to Become More Political, Save Ratings," Chad Garrison]! CNN needs someone on their roster that can give a dose of reality. Their ratings have toppled because just about everyone on their roster is in the left-wing world of denial. They still don't get that, in November 2010, the people spoke loud and clear about stopping the crazy train that started its ride in 2008.
Joe, via the Internet

Lightning Rod Loesch: When someone has the "you-either-love-her-or-you-hate-her" factor, it's an automatic ratings boost. Dana has that. She is good-looking, scrappy and "plucky" but definitely not a member of the Mensa society. That makes for good media. I am amused by her meteoric rise to whateverness.

My only question is, how in the heck does she find time to do the whole homeschooling mommy thing anymore? My prediction is it won't be long before Dana's kids are enrolled in "real" school. And what about Chris' studio/real estate/rehab venture?

Say what you want about Chez Loesch...they're one of the most interesting couples St. Louis has ever seen. You don't have to agree with them.
I'm Just Sayin', via the Internet

Who are these people?: I'd sure like to know who all these people are supposedly watching either FOX or MSNBC.

I don't watch either because they're both full of crap and misinformation. And now CNN picking up someone who just two years ago was nothing more than a blogger, and has no political experience at all, to give us our news — well, it shows how misinformation and unreality drives these programming decisions.
Megarock Radio, via the Internet

The Missourah factor: I have a few things to say about this ["Shakedown," Keegan Hamilton]. First of all, I have seen the Schwag perform and they are incredibly talented musicians, worthy of playing the songs of one of my favorite bands, the Grateful Dead.

Secondly, the seizure of property, even if the owner has not been convicted of a crime, is a terrifying and totally unconstitutional violation of Tebeau's rights. Don't think it could happen to you? When one person's rights are violated, all of ours are.

That being said, let's be honest here. Of course Tebeau knew illegal drugs were being used at his Camp Zoe. If he didn't, he's a complete and total idiot. Is that a crime? I really don't think so. When I attended a Schwag event, there were tons of drugs being sold right out in the open. Everyone knew exactly what was going on.

I think it was a really bad idea to buy a camp out in the middle of Central Missouri. Did he really not think that Barney Fife would not try to clamp down on a band that plays Grateful Dead songs? From the arrest records, it seems the Missouri Highway Patrol was on to something, weren't they? Remember Missouri is really two states: Missourah and Missouree. The two tend to not mix very well.

My advice, if Tebeau manages to save Camp Zoe, is to sell and find somewhere else, like Sauget, to have a camp to play. They might want to watch out for the pollution, but I think it could work.
Chris, via the Internet

In last week's feature story, "The Winners' Tale," by Melissa Meinzer, we erroneously described St. Louis Shakespeare's success at the Kevin Kline Awards. Though the troupe has been nominated for several awards, it has never won. Additionally, in Jessica Baran's review of Brookhart Jonquil's exhibition Physical Spectrum at Los Caminos, we stated that it was the artist's first solo show. In fact, it is Jonquil's first St. Louis show.

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