Readers talk about Bristol Palin having sex, babies and the RFT Web awards, too

Feb 10, 2011 at 4:00 am
Missing the spectacle: Aww, damn ["Bristol Palin Uninvited to Lecture Wash. U. Students on Sex," Chad Garrison]. This would have been great theater!

Who is next to get offered a speaking engagement? Snooki?
Handsome Jimmy, via the Internet

Let's bring Obama into this: Apparently the student body thinks there is nothing to learn from experience. Probably why the majority of them voted for the inexperienced Obama!

Bristol did parent a child as a teenager, which was the responsible thing to do. So what, other than politics, do they have against her? Most kids going to Wash. U. live off Mommy and Daddy's monster bank accounts; are they not guilty of the same unwarranted pleasures? I thought college was meant to expose students to all realms of learning. But apparently Wash. U. is meant to expose you to liberal ideas only.
Acc86, via the Internet

They don't need no sex education: Most Wash. U. kids are nerdy and don't get laid. The last thing they need is some cow from Alaska telling them not to bone each other, let alone pay 20K for the privilege.
Billy, via the Internet

Awww, shucks: Thank you, RFT, for acknowledging some of St. Louis' best for doing what they love ["Point & Clique," RFT Staff]. You help keep St. Louis fresh and alive.

All reports of the "death of St. Louis" pale in the light of the people you have recognized. They have a zest and a feel for the topical. Thanks again.
Mary Kathleen Crowley, via the Internet

Second-guessing the judges: Why didn't the RFT nominate as a candidate for best political blog? The blog has frequent discussions of Missouri and St. Louis policy that go into much more detail and analysis than anything else nominated.

Although I don't understand how anything beat out Political Fix. That blog breaks news, whereas Fired Up! Missouri incoherently reacts to Political Fix's news updates and other independent reporting.
Ugh, via the Internet

Cap a hunter; save a catamount: Hunters are trigger happy and just want to kill for bragging rights ["Amish Hunters on 'Predator Hunt' in Missouri Kill Mountain Lion, Won't Be Charged," Chad Garrison]. Someone should cap them in the ass for killing these animals.
Leakol2000, via the Internet

Defending the Amish: I have a farm not very far from the kill site in Macon County and have several Amish friends who were on that hunt. I do not blame them for shooting the cat because they were concerned and excited.

I do not think that we need to destroy everything that we do not understand. I think it would be a good idea if the conservation commission was straightforward and set up some community meetings for a better understanding of this large and interesting animal.
Chip, via the Internet

Justifiable shootings: "But did a mountain lion trapped in a tree really pose a threat to McElwee?" Absolutely. Considering that is the preferred attacking posture of the cougar, I would say McElwee was in danger. The fact that he was armed has nothing to do with this posing a threat, as waving a gun at the cougar would have the same effect as waving a stick. The cougar doesn't know what a gun is.

If I saw a cougar in my horse pasture, I would shoot it, no questions asked. What is particularly funny: The Missouri Department of Conservation has a Mountain Lion Response Team. Do we really need this?

I think both parties were in the right about killing, although McElwee should have 'fessed up and said he shot it instead of lying.
Smokesandbooze, via the Internet