Readers think dogs are tops, illegal immigrants the pits

Readers think dogs are tops, illegal immigrants the pits

Best in show: As a proud owner of a rescued bait dog (an American pit bull terrier) and someone who has done rescue, I have to say I'm happy that the RFT is taking a positive approach to my breed of choice ["For the Love of Pit," Keegan Hamilton]. That said, the level of ignorance towards pit bulls is astounding. There is so much B.S. out there, no thanks to media's "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality. People who don't own the breed fear it, but blame regarding the actions of a dog should be placed squarely on the owners.

Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and one of the most stolen breeds — now, how can that be if they are so "vicious"? If people did their research instead of believing the media hype, they would see that with pits, as with any other breed, you get what you put into it. If you train it properly and give it love and respect, you will have a balanced and loving animal; if you abuse it and train it to be mean, that's what you're going to get with any breed.

I've done research projects on the criminal underground of dogfighting. These dogs don't attack humans; they don't have locking jaws; they aren't mindless killers. They are search-and-rescue dogs; they are therapy dogs; they are Seeing Eye dogs; they are great dogs.

If any of these haters bothered to do some real research, they could look up the temperament tests and bite statistics for each breed, and they would see that you're more likely to have your face ripped off by a retriever than a pit, but you'll never know that from the media. You'd have to think for yourself.
Mandy, via the Internet

There are no bad dogs: What a wonderful article! Hooray for all those animal lovers who are willing and able to give these dogs, and others like them, a second chance at a new loving and safe life! It is so true: There are no "bad" dogs, just bad people who abuse and mistreat them to make them mean!
Valerie Wehmueller, via the Internet

Props to the cops: Bravo to all the investigators and rescuers ["Dog Beat Dog," Keegan Hamilton]. Well-done article, RFT. For me this is a parallel to the American slavery of humans up to 1865. It's a horror that dogfighters can't recognize this. I'd love to adopt a pit bull from the shelter where I work, but, alas, University City has banned them. We must punish the abusers, not the abused.
Michelle Kodner, via the Internet

The ends and the means: While I am overjoyed at the end result, I can't condone or justify the means — taking innocent dogs and training them to be fighters and making them fight. So dogfighting is acceptable when it catches the bad guy? Does this not seem wrong to anyone else? That is like using my daughter as a prostitute in order to bust a child-prostitution ring. Or is that different because she's human and they're just dogs?
Maggie, via the Internet

Sarcastic much? I always enjoy reading the pro-immigration liberal press ["Asylum Denied," Chris Vogel and Patrick Michels]. The immigration problems are approaching St. Louis. These fine illegals will make people leave, and then RFT can print itself in Spanish and cater to them as St. Louis becomes a bigger cesspool than it already is.
Cindy, via the Internet

Los Mexicanos Tiempos: Why don't you change the name of your rag to the Mexican Front Times?! We American citizens don't want the 20 million-plus illegal Mexican alien peasants in this country with their Third World diseases and crime! They will destroy this country like they did Mexico! Get those Mexican criminals back to Mexico! These cowards should march and make demands in Mexico while waving the Mexican flag instead of doing it here!
Retired1, via the Internet

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