Readers turn a critical eye toward the city and its ass clowns, then praise Citygarden

Readers turn a critical eye toward the city and its ass clowns, then praise Citygarden

With all the correct buzzwords: Just what the world doesn't need — another fake food product with all the "right" terms attached: sustainable, vegetarian, low cholesterol, low fat ["Where's the Beef?" Aimee Levitt]. It's all foolishness. Sustainable meat is possible and can feed 6 billion people or more. No plausible scientific study has ever shown that dietary cholesterol is bad for you, or saturated fat for that matter. On the other hand, many studies have shown the dangers of a low-fat diet. Heck, fat is probably the most important macronutrient for human health. And is soy really sustainable? What do they use to fertilize it? To harvest it? To ship it? To process it? Petroleum. Go ahead and eat this crap. Just means more real food for me at the farmers' market.
Hugh, Maplewood, via the Internet

Turn them into fertilizer: I am still waiting for the streets to run red with the blood of the innocent, as was implied would happen if right-to-carry laws went into effect ["St. Louis Homicides Down 30 Percent for First Six Months of '09; Teen Murders On Pace for Lesser Declines," Chad Garrison]. I am venturing a guess that a good portion of the murder victims in St. Louis are thugs that were engaged in criminal activities. If that is the case, our fair city lost nothing by them assuming room temperature.
erudite enigma, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JUNE 30, 2009
Accurate portrayal: I thought it was a thoughtful and fair look at the city ["Philly Inquirer: Most Recent Newspaper to Compare St. Louis to a War Zone, Chad Garrison"]. We do have work to do. We haven't taken care of our treasures as we should. We have neglected the downtown — which is absurd, when you consider what it could be. But we also have wonderful places to visit, good food, music and lots of kid-friendly spots. If only we can convince the people of Missouri that to make a dime, sometimes you have to spend a penny first.
Shelley, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JUNE 30, 2009
Let Cindy eat cake: I also find it ironic that Ms. Davis gets an $87 per diem during the legislative session ["Claims of Cynthia Davis' Ass-Clownishness Substantiated," Aimee Levitt]. She doesn't want the working poor to have any help feeding their children, but she has no problem eating on the taxpayers' dime.
DavidS, via the Internet

A downtown triumph: From the excavators to the sandblaster and all the trades in between, hundreds of skilled craftsmen have transformed two blocks of weeds into one of the best downtown investments in decades ["Citygarden To Open July 1; Downtown Park Will Provide City a Permanent Facelift," Annie Zaleski]. This stellar facility is a work of art in and of itself. The new Citygarden will prove to be an outstanding backdrop to the upcoming All-Star Game.
Doug, via the Internet

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