Readers weigh in on Hell's Kitchen — and Mark Mulder’s — finale

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Hell's Kitchen


Still My Beating Tell Tale Heart

This band is soooo good!: Christian Schaeffer's Homespun review of Tell Tale Heart lacks knowledge and insight, which leads me to question him as a credible source. Schaeffer labels Tell Tale Heart as negative, solemn and mopey. If he were to take the two-block trek down to Cicero's to experience one of Tell Tale Heart's many shows, he may have accurately portrayed the band as one that brings hope and inspiration through music, lyrics and stage presence, rather than solemnity or negativity. This would be experienced first hand, as well as by viewing the obvious joy on the faces of their audience members.

Not only are the members of TTH talented musicians, but also they are amazing entertainers who successfully generate interaction between the audience and themselves. Their multitude of fans look forward to being invited onstage at each show to play an instrument with the members or dance with them as they wail and celebrate life, and the musicians' humorous and engaging personalities keep the crowd laughing in between songs. I look forward to every show.

As both a Tell Tale Heart fan and professional writer, to me, Schaeffer seems out of touch with TTH's (actually highly professional and enlightening) music, and so involved in witty repartee that he fails to accurately portray the band, instead projecting words such as "solemn" and "negative" onto TTH rather than his own style of writing. It was an inappropriately negative editorial. I would strongly encourage your readers to experience this refreshing band for themselves.
Sarah Guldalian, Kirkwood


Helluva Ending

A food finale to die for: Watching the finale at Revival was a blast! ["Hell's Kitchen: The Season Four Finale," Jeanette Kozlowski.] I've not had a television in eight years, so watching Hell's Kitchen was a novel experience. It was horrifically bizarre to hear Petrozza tell his staff to finger all the food — um, hello? Is this guy for real actually saying that in front of millions of people? Christina's food was really good, with balanced flavors, from the mushroom pasta and shellfish risotto to the tropical coconut sorbet with roasted pineapple and passion fruit caramel sauce. What a super honor for Christina; it'll open a lot of doors for her. She'll have a whirlwind of an adventure in LA.
Julie, via the Internet


Mulder Hits the Finish Line

They shoot horses, don't they?: I have no ill feelings towards Mark Mulder ["The Mark Mulder Pitching Obituary," Aaron Schafer]. He tried his best. Walt Jocketty deserves the scorn for this lemon. It was the worst secret in baseball that the reason the Cardinals acquired Mulder so "cheap" in the first place was because his shoulder was giving out. There had been a noticeable decline in his "stuff" that season, and I remember Mulder's health being openly questioned on Baseball Tonight at the time of the trade. Bottom line is that Mulder should have been another team's problem. Foolish pride on the management's part kept him around two years longer than he should have been.
Dean, via the Internet

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