Readers weigh in on Mississippi Nights as a nightclub name and an editor's "smarmy" apology

Readers weigh in on Mississippi Nights as a nightclub name and an editor's "smarmy" apology

Find a new name already! While I'm all for new venues opening up in St. Louis, I don't understand why they would want to call the place Mississippi Nights ["A Little (Mississippi) Nights Music," Annie Zaleski]. It'll never be Mississippi Nights, period. Just let a dead dog lie and call it something else, something new. I just don't see the point. I'm no likelier to go see a show there just because it's got the name of some demolished venue that I used to go see Gwar play at when I was eighteen.
Matt Picker, via the Internet

Ripping off the House of Blues and MN: So let me get this straight. They are going to rip off the HOB model and rip off the Mississippi Nights name as well? Great job. Was the Galaxy, Side Door, Other World, Kharma or Creepy Crawl considered as possible names as well? If this was some of the original people involved with Mississippi Nights, it would be one thing, but it's not. Just a lame-ass attempt to gain some publicity. Guess it worked. Good luck selling those VIP tickets. $2,500 to get to see 200 local shows and a handful of nationals.
Reality Check, via the Internet

Good idea, sucky journalism: I think it is great that someone has enough enthusiasm and passion to bring back such an establishment.

It sucks that this article was written so poorly by a journalist who definitely had an agenda. I mean how she starts the article sour and then wraps it up with sour grapes from Mr. [Tim] Weber? Shame on you, RFT.
Daniel, via the Internet

Bring back Uncle T! Does this mean Uncle Tupelo is going to return as well?
Chris, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JULY 16, 2009
Sorry don't cut it: So this smarmy column is supposed to be an apology ["Don't Blame Pujols: An Apology," Tom Finkel]?

A deranged racist once threatened to kill Derek Jeter and other black players. How would your second-rate publication feel if it contributed to a crime by giving some nut a road map? Here's hoping you never get credentialed again. Amateurs.
Abe Peters, via the Internet

Lose, lose: Completely irresponsible and amateurish. Both the publication of their addresses and this crass "apology."
Brian, via the Internet

Way to titty twist 'em! Good stuff. Tweak the establishment, especially the pro ballers. They've earned a titty twister like this once in a while.
Eric, via the Internet

Faint praise: Well, I enjoyed this. No one who ever has to do a public apology means it; at least you can tell with this one. Don't make you a bad person.
Robert, via the Internet

Pandering to lurid curiosity since 1977: The Cards have every right to uncredential you if they want to. They're a private business. Just like if a reporter showed up at your door tomorrow morning, you wouldn't have to let him or her in.

There's no First Amendment stomping going on here. You unnecessarily published information only useful to the extremely nosy. Pandering to lurid curiosity isn't always the best option.

The First Amendment is indeed a right to print truths and opinions. It's not, however, a license to publish bad ideas, even if they are true. You're not being denied the right to print — you're being denied privileged access.
N, via the Internet

¡Bueno! Apology accepted. Now get off my lawn.
Albert Pujols, via the Internet

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