Really Like St. Louis? Hug It Out

Need a hug? Take to the streets, find a stranger -- and make it happen.
Need a hug? Take to the streets, find a stranger -- and make it happen.

So you've got a lot of emotions and no place to express them. Not a problem. Thanks to City Affair, you now have a means -- hugging lots of things -- and a reason -- your love of St. Louis, duh -- to exorcise as many feelings as you can get out by today at 5 p.m., the deadline for the organization's Grouphug St. Louis event.

St. Louis natives and fans are encouraged to take photos of themselves hugging their favorite parts of the city, including but not limited to architecture, found objects and anyone without a restraining order. Once you've taken your photos, send them to [email protected]. Hurry! The deadline is this afternoon, though you should feel free to take as many as you want within that time limit. The photos will be shown to the public this Thursday, June 2 at a free Grouphug event at StyLehouse at 3159 Cherokee St. from 7 to 10 p.m. Prizes for photos include gift certificates, $100 in cash and, wait for it, free hugs.

The only trick is choosing your favorite part of -- or favorite thing in -- the city. Is it weird if ours is shirtless strangers?

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