Recession Fashion: Five Ways to Dress Like You Belong, So You Don't Get Laid Off

Dec 4, 2008 at 10:06 am
A lot of press releases coming rolling through the RFT everyday. Some are so interesting, Unreal even, that they make it onto the pages of the print version. Remember Spaloo?

Here's one that was passed along earlier this week, about how to dress in the workplace during a recession, which we've apparently been in since December '07. One wonders that if the only thing keeping a person from getting canned is his clothes, how safe would their job be in a stable economy? At any rate, these tips may only help your work, not your clothing, stick out from the crowd.

Courtesy of Compass Partners, International, and a PR firm for a handbag company (see the product placement in the fifth tip below), here are a few ways to lay low while the ish is hitting the fan in companies across the country.

New York, NY 12/1/2008- Now it's more important than ever to project a pulled-together look at work!  It's easy to become so focused on your tasks at hand, that you forget that your appearance is key to the impression you create.

Fortunately, there are five simple tips to help you in these challenging times:

1. Keep it clean!  Don't underestimate the importance of spotless, well-tailored, ideally fitting pieces; from blouses, to skirts, to pant-suits.  Match your wardrobe to your environment.  (We don't recommend wearing a suit with heels to an office full of jeans.)  Take the extra ten minutes, however, to iron your outfit before you run out the door, sew on missing buttons, and communicate the sense that you take a buttoned-up and attention-to-detail approach to everything you do.

2. Avoid extreme fashion.  Unless you're working at Vogue, now is not the time for ostentation.  You want to look like a hard-working dedicated employee, rather than a celebrity attention-hound.  Madonna's latest incarnation is probably not a good choice.  Loose the precarious pumps and plunging necklines and findsome signature outfits that signify competence.

3. Choose classic hair and simple make-up.  Find a style that complements your body-type and face.  (A chin-length bob, or basic up-do look good on almost everyone.) Develop a beauty routine that's fast and flawless.  Don't take off for the office without it.

4. Don't squelch your personality.  One of the reasons that you've gotten so far is that people like to be around you.  Whether it's your love for bright statement colors, or passion for artistic jewelry, be sure to incorporate what makes you unique.  A signature hue or interesting bracelet can enhance your image.  Just be sure to incorporate your personal flair  it in a way that's right for your job.

5. Ditch the ratty work tote!   Keep your laptop safe, your papers perfectly organized , and your cell or iphone right at-hand with a sophisticated, high impact workbag.  We recommend a design such as the red leather rubi from knomo for the prefect dash of functionality and confident style.  Focus on accessories that both help you perform at your best and exude anappealing air of ease and success.

You may be surprised to discover just how inspiring your image-enhancing efforts may become, even to yourself! There's nothing like looking the part to position you  to perform at your best, and get the recognition your performance deserves.

- Nick Lucchesi