Record-Setting Snowfall Made St. Louis Traffic a Clusterfudge of Epic Proportions

click to enlarge Record-Setting Snowfall Made St. Louis Traffic a Clusterfudge of Epic Proportions
screengrab via Google Maps at 5 p.m.

It snowed less than two inches in the St. Louis area today, but as any local knows: That’s plenty deep to mess up traffic all over town. The National Weather Service says that it was a record-setting snowfall and that it hasn’t snowed this much in the area since this time of year in 1911.

St. Louis was, appropriately, wigged out by the sudden assault from this polar vortex and the chaos was reflected in the angry red lines all over the traffic map. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know just how much it was going to suck. Temperatures reached 68 degrees yesterday while we played outside and ignored the warnings from local meteorologists saying that is going to get all the way down to twelve degrees tonight.

We were shocked and annoyed at the sudden disappearance of fall weather, but some of us thought that the snow wouldn’t cause too much trouble on the road because the ground would be warm. We were very, very wrong.

Police stations have reported hundreds of calls for help, crashes, injuries and lots of cars sliding off the road. The magnitude of the disasters witnessed today can’t even be calculated until tomorrow because many people are still not home yet tonight. Commutes that usually take 30 minutes are stretching into two hours or more.

Stay safe, St. Louis. Stay home if you can. If you can't stay home, pack a blanket in your car just in case. And see below for tweets about what’s going on out there on the road.

And then there was this, our favorite tweet. Congratulations on your new deck, John. May it see many decades of snows.
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