Red-Light Cameras in City of St. Louis Now Require Warning Signage to Be Posted in Close Proximity

Feb 9, 2009 at 11:33 am
Chad Garrison, who is on vacation this week and will, if all goes as planned, return next week tanned, rested and blogging, has written extensively on the topic of red-light cameras.

If he were in the blogger's seat today, Chad would have passed along news that the St. Louis Board of Aldermen have passed a bill refining the requirements for warning signage at all intersections where red-light cameras are installed.

Board Bill 391, introduced by board president Lewis Reed and passed on Friday, February 6, stipulates that:

Any Automated Traffic Control System on a street or highway must be identified by appropriate advance warning signs conspicuously posted and affixed to traffic control signals. and not more than three hundred feet from the locations of the automated traffic control system location. All advance warning signs must be approved by the Traffic Commissioner.
As currently worded (and viewable here until it's replaced by the new language), Section 17.07.060 of the traffic code calls for signage "conspicuously posted...either at the major roadways entering the city, or not more than three hundred feet from the location of the automated traffic control system location."

Reed's bill now awaits the signature of Mayor Francis Slay.