Remember that Walmart Shake and Bake Meth Lady? She's Been Busted Again.

Jennifer Vaughn, 32, was the woman who caused a Walmart to shut down for several hours on June 7 when police who busted her for shoplifting discovered what they believe to be a shake and bake meth lab cooking in her purse. Last night South County police were called out to a U-Mart gas station on Telegraph Road for a reportedly suspicious person lurking on the parking lot.  Would you care to guess who it was, and what she was allegedly doing?

When police arrived just after 9:30 p.m., they reportedly saw Vaughn throw a bottle into a dumpster. That bottle, when recovered by the police, looked quite a bit like the one that was bubbling in her purse in Walmart.

Vaughn has not been charged with anything yet, as police are waiting for the contents of the bottle to be analyzed. She is being held in 24-hour custody, which should expire shortly.

One thing is clear though: Vaughn never goes to any sort of mart without a bottle of something fizzy in her purse.
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